The belly is itchy and I didn’t care, and the expectant mother almost encountered a dead abdomen.

Huang Lihong fills in the patient’s medical records for the patient

After pregnancy, my hands and feet and my belly are always itchy, and Ms. Yang, the second mother, did not take it seriously.Fortunately, the doctor carefully discovered that she suffered from cholecoscopic stasis during pregnancy, and improper treatment would cause the fetus to die.On the 24th, in the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan, Ms. Yang was scared.

Ms. Yang, 32, lives in Hankou, and has a second child for 37 weeks.In the early stages of pregnancy, she was detected with gestational diabetes.Recently, Ms. Yang always feels that the increasingly expanding abdominal itching is unbearable, and her weight increases, especially afraid of heat.She attributed the itching of the abdomen to the skin sensitivity and stretch marks caused by too much sweat.According to the experience of a child, Ms. Yang insisted on applying olive oil to the belly every day and did not go to the hospital for treatment.

On the morning of the 23rd, Ms. Yang came to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan to conduct a regular production inspection.During the examination, the detailed doctors found that there were a lot of scratches on Ms. Yang’s belly. When asked about it, Ms. Yang often had itchy skin, and quickly suggested that she had a blood test.The results of the examination showed that Ms. Yang’s total bile acids and aminotransferase increased significantly, and the fetus also had hypoxia signs.According to Ms. Yang’s symptoms and examination results, the doctor diagnosed her in the pregnancy of the intrahepatic cholecoscanosis and pregnancy diabetes. The continued deterioration of the condition would lead to the death of the fetus.Subsequently, the doctor had a cesarean section surgery for him to terminate pregnancy, and eventually the mother and child were safe.

In this regard, Director Huang Lihong, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan City, explained that intrahepatic choleneaste accumulation during pregnancy is a unique complication unique to the middle and late pregnancy, which is characterized by the increased skin itching and bile acid.During the pregnancy, a large amount of female progesterone in pregnant women needs to be metabolized by the liver, which increases the burden on the liver, resulting in bile excretion disorders, and bile acid deposits under the skin, stimulating the custody of the nerve to cause itching symptoms.Some pregnant women also have mild jaundice.This disease has a serious threat to the fetus, which can lead to slow development of the fetus, the fetal distress and even premature birth, death, etc.

"Many pregnant women who are suffering from this disease clinically easily confuse them with eczema, allergies, etc., and eventually delay the treatment of the disease, leading to serious consequences." Huang Lihong reminded that itching caused by bile stasis generally starts from the palm and soles of the palm of the palm, and gradually develop to the limbs.Slowly appear a scratch, usually it will be reduced during the day and worsen at night.Mild jaundice will also appear with itching.If pregnant women have unknown itching, especially pregnant women with gestational diabetes, they should go to the hospital for examination in time, and focus on checking the fetus in the uterus to ensure safety.

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