The benefits of the same room during pregnancy are really a lot

"I’m pregnant! You can’t touch me!" This sentence is no stranger to the prospective dad here.Yes, let’s put it together with the two beds and the same room together, everyone is: NONONO!You can’t have room when you are pregnant.Then every expectant mother will make a ban on dad: I will not be with me anymore!

In fact, during pregnancy, it is not completely unable to have sex.

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First of all, can I have room during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very happy event for a family, which means that a new life comes to join this big family.

Although I am pregnant, it is also a new test for the aimbond dad. Many derailment things are not rare during pregnancy, because in many traditional concepts, husbands and wives can not be in the same room during pregnancy, although it is said that how many say?There is no problem with different rooms in the sky, but pregnancy is not completed in ten and a half months. The days have caused contradictions between husband and wife, increasing the possibility of prospective father derailment.

Sister Ann tells you that in fact, you don’t need to be careful during pregnancy, not the same room during pregnancy, and you can still have the same room in the second trimester.During this period, the fetal development has begun to take shape, and the pregnant woman’s uterus is not so sensitive. Therefore, as long as the same room is softened during this period, don’t worry too much about miscarriage, and it will bring a lot of benefits.

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I believe that many people do not know much about the same room during pregnancy, and pregnant women are more concerned about their children’s health. I am afraid that the fetus has miscarriage or premature birth during pregnancy because of some people.Sexual life is generally recommended to have sex life in the middle of pregnancy, and there are many benefits.So, what are the benefits of the same room during pregnancy?

1. It is conducive to the affection and physical and mental health of husband and wife

Sexual life in the middle of pregnancy should be 1-2 times a week.It is worth noting that sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education.Therefore, a comfortable sex life fully integrates love and sexual desire.During the day, the husband kissed and stroked his husband or wife, and the warm current of love would be passed to the other party’s heart.This is greatly beneficial to the love of the boudoir at night.Conversely, the thoughtful sex life at night promoted the love of the husband and wife during the day, making the pregnant woman feel happy and full of mood.In addition, the husband’s J liquid contains an J liquid liquor.It has antibacterial functions comparable to penicillin, can kill pathogenic bacteria such as bacteria, and can clean and protect pregnant wives.

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2. Promote the development of the fetus in the stomach

For the sake of good development in the stomach, a lot of nutritional products must be imported every day, but this nutritional product will not enter the uterus after the entrance of the nutritional product, and if the husband and wife are sexual life, it will help nutrition products to flow into the uterus more into the uterus.In place, because sexual life can help pregnant women’s uterus to shrink, and at the same time, the blood circulation around the uterus is more circulating. In this way, the fetus with sexual life between husband and wife during pregnancy can absorb more nutrition and develop naturally.It’s better.

3. It can make the baby smarter

In the middle of pregnancy (about 4 to 7 months of pregnancy), the placenta of pregnant women has been formed, pregnancy is stable, and the reaction of early pregnancy has passed.At this time, the mood of pregnant women became more comfortable.Sexual organ secretions have also increased, which is a period of high sexual desire. Therefore, couples can enjoy sexual life appropriately.At this time, the placenta has amniotic fluid as a barrier, which can buffer the stimulus of the outside world, effectively protect the fetus and reduce accidents.Sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education, and sexual life in the middle of pregnancy is also beneficial to the healthy development of husband and wife and the health of the fetus.

All in all, there are many benefits to proper sexual life during pregnancy. It is not only conducive to the affection and physical and mental health of the couple, but also to promote the development of the fetus in the belly.

Of course, it is better not to do the same room in the early and third trimester.Think of it carefully!In the early stages of pregnancy and third trimester, you cannot have the same room!If you do n’t understand, please leave a message in the comment area. Sister Ann will carefully reply to each message.

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