The bleeding of the lower body of foreign women is pregnant, but the examination only found that the uterus has grown hair and teeth.

Recently, a lady named Page shared a short video, telling the bizarre disease she encountered,

Page said that after going to the gynecologist, after finishing the ultrasonic scan, he found that his teeth and hair had grown in the uterus.

What even shocked her chin was that these teeth and hair came from a son born two years ago. Some of his fetal tissue "accidentally" fell off in the mother’s uterus, and now some body tissues have developed.

In other words, she gave birth to a baby, but she was not born, and she left a part of the body …

Everything starts.

One day, Page suddenly started abdominal pain, and her lower body began to bleed, which surprised her.

Because for many years, her menstruation has been very stable, but she has had interruptions when she had a son two years ago.

Now that the lower body begins to bleed abnormally, Page then thinks of granted: I may be pregnant again …

She went to the gynecologist for examination and also asked for ultrasound to see if there was really a baby.

When the ultrasonic instrument was moved to the abdomen of Page, a round thing appeared on the display. Page was excited at the time, but the doctor broke her fantasy seriously:

"No, this is not a fetus …"

"In fact, it is much worse than the fetus. This is two leather -like cysts. One is about 7 cm diameter, which is about the same as eggs, and the other is as big as peas."

After further examination, the doctor told Page that these two skin -like cysts have developed, and their hair and teeth have grown …

Skin -like cysts, also known as mature cyst tear tumors, are formed by a small part of the fetus during the development of the fetus during development.

Such tissues may include bones, body fluids, nerves, hair, and teeth cells that can also develop in any part of the body. The most common is the inside of the skull on the face, or in the ovaries.

This part of the Page uterus originally belonged to the sons’ body fragments, and it just developed into teeth and hair.

In summary, in July 2020, Page gave birth to a son, but a part of the son’s body was left in the mother’s uterus. After two years, he developed his teeth hair, and finally buried his mother’s root pain …

After this video was uploaded on the Internet, it caused countless netizens to be curious.

Soon after, Page updated another video, telling the latest decision.

She said that with the advice of a doctor, she decided to remove the skin -like cyst, because the pain was really unable to stop:

"A kind of painful pain will extend to the back. And, if it grows longer, it may seriously affect the uterus and ovaries, and further affect my fertility.Be an interesting souvenir. "

Page summarized at the end of the video. Although the social media is now very developed today, they blindly share the illness in social media, and let the netizens from all walks of life help "diagnose cloud diagnosis".Unexpectedly, like her, she encountered rare skin -like cysts …

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