The cat has these performances, indicating that it is "pregnant".

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If in the process of raising cats, if your cat has the following performances, then you must pay attention, because such a performance shows that the cat is pregnant, and the owner should not know!

If one day your cat’s food has increased and it seems uncomfortable to eat, then the owner should pay attention. Such a performance may be that the cat is pregnant.

And at this time, cat’s nipples often turn bright pink, or become red.

The owner can also look at the belly of the fading cat. If your cat is pregnant, then its belly must be round, and the back looks a bit down from the side.

If it is obese, then the cat will not only be rounded, and its neck and limbs will become heavier!

When a cat often has frequent urination, if you don’t like exercise, and often sleep, then you must pay attention, because cats who perform such a performance may be pregnant.

The owner can observe whether the cat’s vulva becomes hypertrophic and the color becomes red. These are the symptoms of pregnancy!

When a cat is about to give birth, it will also build a nest in advance. Cats usually build small nests in a quiet place, and it will use towels and clothes to build small nests.

If you see your cat’s performance, the owner must pay attention, which shows that it is about to give birth!

When breeding pregnant cats, the owner must pay more attention to its diet. When feeding, the cat’s food should be based on high nutrition and easy absorption and digestion.

And do not eat fish bones for cats, so as not to cause abortion!

The cat needs a lot of nutritional supplements regardless of whether it is pregnant or after the birth. The owner must take care of it during this time to choose a cat food with comprehensive nutrition and protein.

Cats are generally 63 days during pregnancy. They may be one week in advance or delay for a week. The owner must care about the cat’s mental health during this time, and it is to accompany it.

Conclusion: After the cat is born, the owner should not touch the kitten!

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