The cat’s belly is big, is it pregnant?Don’t make a mistake, it may be "fake pregnancy"

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When raising a cat, don’t think that the cat’s belly is pregnant, because the cat will "get pregnant"

Don’t know after taking care of it for 60 days

What is a cat fake pregnancy?

In fact, the cat will have false pregnancy. It is caused by the imbalance of the body’s hormonal secretion. The cats who have false pregnancy will be no different from the cat who is really pregnant.

So after you take care of it for 60 days, you will never wait for her to have a kitten!

Why do cats get pregnant?

In fact, cats will be pregnant because after the estrus ovulation, the luteum -related ovaries are related to the ovary. Under normal circumstances, the cats without conception will disappear quickly after the estrus ovulation, so the cat will not have fake pregnancy.Essence

However, if your cat has abnormalities, it may cause luteal for a long time for some reason, so it will continuously secrete progestin and estrogen, which will cause cats to have false pregnancy.

How to judge that cats are pregnant?

① Vomiting, restlessness, irritability and other situations

② Breast swelling, milk can be squeezed out in the later stage

The symptoms of cats are really pregnant:

① The cat’s nipples will become red, commonly known as "pink"

② The abdomen starts to bulge slightly, and the weight will increase

③ During pregnancy, the female cat will not have an estrus period

④ Generally produced in about 60 days. If it exceeds 65 days, you will go to the pet hospital to take a look.

How to raise pregnant cats?

During pregnancy, the owner should pay more attention, do not give it too much fish bone, and pay more attention to keep warm and feed cats with nutritious cat food to make it nutritious.

If the cat is not nutritious enough, then the female cat may need to supplement the nutrition and eat the kitten after giving birth to a kitten, so it is important to choose a comprehensive cat to feed.

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Xiaobian has something to say:

Whether it is a fake pregnancy or a real pregnancy, it is best to go to the pet hospital to take a look

In this way, you can judge whether the cat is pregnant

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