The chest pain started in the week before menstruation. What is going on?

Many girls will find their chest pain in the week before menstruation. This is because after the ovulation period, the week before the menstrual tide, ovarian function was strong, secreting estrogen and progesterone.E progression may cause breast vascular dilatation, and breast pain will occur. Generally, it will slowly alleviate after menstruation, and it will not affect your health.If the swelling is severe, and the hard block cannot be relieved after the menstruation is over, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

I believe that many women have experienced breast pain. Do not make great fuss about breast pain and carelessness. Specific analysis of specific situations. Some mild breast pain may also be the external manifestation of breast disease.There are many causes of breast pain, let’s take a look.

1. Menstrual breast tenderness

This kind of breast pain is the most common. More than half of breast pain is caused by menstruation. The symptoms of obvious symptoms one week before menstruation, and gradually disappear after menstruation.This pain is caused by the volatility of hormone levels in the body. It is a physiological phenomenon that generally does not need to be conditioned.However, during this period, the breast vascular expansion, avoid compression or heavy objects, let alone get angry, avoid blurring caused by qi and blood failure.

2. Interrupt breast pain after pregnancy

When the accident is not prepared, or if the pregnancy must be terminated, the breasts will be painful or there are lumps. This is also because of the hormone level.The level of posture hormone suddenly decreased, and the growth of the breast suddenly stopped, which may cause mass or pain.

3. Breast pain caused by breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is also relatively common, which can cause breast pain or tingling. One or sides occur at the same time. Pain will fluctuate with emotional changes. It will also be related to the menstrual cycle.Symptoms such as changes in menstrual cycle, severe pain will affect daily life and work.

Breast hyperplasia is closely related to emotion, and most of them occur in middle -aged women, which are related to endocrine disorders.The treatment of breast hyperplasia is mainly psychological adjustment to maintain a good mentality. In addition, it is necessary to combine work and rest to avoid excessive fatigue and reduce the pressure of life. It also needs to change bad living habits.Drugs are promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving liver and relieving depression for conditioning, and can also be applied or massaged. Those who have hyperplasia can be surgically removed according to specific circumstances.

4. Pain caused by mastitis

Mastitis can also cause breast pain, and inflammation will have the four major characteristics of inflammation, namely: redness and heat pain, breastfeeding women are more common, mastitis is divided into bacterial mastitis and non -bacterial mastitis.Treatment.

5. Pain caused by breast cancer

In addition to pain in breast cancer, there will be symptoms such as nipple discharge and skin changes. In addition, there will be sully axillary lymph nodes.Therefore, for breast cancer early treatment and early treatment, usually learn self -examination, face mirrors, observe whether the breasts on both sides are consistent, whether the nipples are at the same level, whether the skin surface skin has a bulging and depression and other orange skin -like changes, lift upOne arm, use the other hand to check whether the breasts have no lumps and pain in the armpit.

In short, women should also care about themselves, and do not turn around their husbands and children for a day. They have a good body to have a happy home.”2021″””

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