The child’s throat is inflamed and painful, how to teach you how to deal with it!

Salva pain is usually caused by infection, and pathogens have viruses and bacteria.Children often come into contact with each other, share toys, and put things in their mouths, so it is easy to spread the pathogenic bodies.

If the sore throat is caused by a virus infection, it is generally not necessary to treat; if it is caused by bacterial infection, you may need to be a doctor because it may be a splin bacteria pharyngitis.

How to judge that the child’s sore throat is caused by virus or chain -based pharyngitis?

It is difficult to distinguish, but there are several identification points: white spots may appear on the tonsils (located on the back of the pharynx) of patients with chain -based pharyngitis, and the upper palate may still have red spots, or the swelling of the suspension.On the right side of the figure below is Chain bacteria pharyngitis!

Patients with viruses often have other symptoms, such as:

● Flowing nose

● chest tightness

● Itching or redness of the eye

● Cough

● Hoe with sound

● Paper Pain

Patients with splitteroid pharyngitis usually do not have cough, runny nose, itching or redness of the eye.

When the child is suspected of having a splin bacterial pharyngitis, he should go to the doctor to check whether there are related pathogenic bacteria.

Do you need antibiotics?

The virus does not need to use antibiotics caused by the virus.Unless there is a splinter pharyngitis, antibiotics are not helpful.

How to relieve symptoms?

There are many ways:

● Easmic diet -diet that can be swallowed by children (such as tea or soup), or let them suckrup.Children may resist their diet, but they need to ensure sufficient drinking water, so that they can try different hot drinks or cold drinks.

● Drugs -to acetaminol (product name: Tylenol) or ibuprofen (product name: Advil, Motrin), it can relieve sore throat. The dose is determined according to the weight of the child. Please ask the doctor.

Children under 18 years of age cannot take aspirin, otherwise it will lead to serious "Reye syndrome".Do not give your children a pharyngeal spray or cough sugar. They contain drug components, but they are not better than hard candy in alleviating sore throat, and sometimes can cause side effects such as allergic reactions.

● Other treatments-children over 4-5 years old can suck hard candy or lollipop, and children over 6-8 years old can rinse with warm saline.

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