The common sense of the vulva itching that women should understand

The symptoms of vulvar itching on women often cause many female patients to sit and not be able to bear it. Therefore, it is recommended that our female patients have detecting vulvar itching.

It is necessary to cooperate with doctors for treatment in time, and at the same time, it is necessary to let female friends know some common sense about itching of the vulva.

First of all, we need to know that the itching symptoms of women’s labia are also contained in the disease of vulvar itching. Generally, the symptoms of vulvar itching will be more serious at night, but it is not at all without vulvar itching symptoms.The method of this disease, the following teach you what to pay attention to in the face of vulvar pruritus.

The first is that our female friends should pay attention to menstrual hygiene.Pay attention to keep the vulva clean and dry, do not wash without hot water, and scrub without soap.

Never use or abuse medicines, avoid scratching and local friction.

It is necessary to avoid alcohol and spicy foods such as vulvar itching.Jinyi female friends are better not to wear tight crotch pants, and underwear should be loose and breathable, and it is advisable to use cotton products.

If patients with vulvar pruritus are damaged and infected, they can be immersed with 1,000 -thousand potassium permanganate liquids, and use it twice a day, about half an hour to twenty minutes each time.

In addition, patients have to go to the doctor to check whether there are mold or trichomonas. If they should be treated in time, do not apply "itching water" for treatment themselves.In the end, patients with vulvar itching should not be cured for a long time for blood glucose examination.

Secondly, our female friends must also know some wrong practices that can cause vulvar pruritus for a long time.

The first is that some people mistakenly think that women’s vulva is a dirty place. Every night, use soap, hot water, saline, cleaning solution or disinfection water. In fact, the vulva is not dirty than the mouth and nose.The picture is comfortable. "Instead, the vulvar flora is imbalanced, local inflammation, and itching, and even causes diseases such as perianitis, cystitis, retrograde pyelonephritis.

The second is that for the vulvar itching and vulvar itching, some doctors not only do not persuade those patients with vulvar itching to stop being washing, but it is recommended that they apply "loose" hormones after being washed.Itching, more stubbornness, and even cause vulvar itching for many years.

All in all, our female friends must go to a professional and regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible after discovering the relevant symptoms of vulvar itching diseases to avoid more torture and pain.In addition, it is important to avoid some wrong methods that cause your vulvar itching for a long time.

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