The comprehensive registration system is about to be full month.

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The comprehensive registration system is about to usher in the "full moon", and the list of the first batch of companies has attracted much attention.On the evening of March 13, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange disclosed the announcement of the results of the Municipal Party Committee’s review meeting, and 11 main board translation companies successfully attended the meeting.

3 Zhejiang enterprises may be listed in April

It is expected to be "the first batch of crabs"

Among them, 5 companies including Shanghai Changqing Technology, Jiangyan Group, CITIC Metal, Zhongzhong Technology, Baicheng Co., Ltd. raised a total of 7.524 billion yuan.Six companies including technology, Nanchang mining machines, and Dengkang’s cavity raised a total of 10.348 billion yuan.

On March 14, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will review the two motherboard IPOs of Wanfeng and Hengshang.If these five companies have also passed the meeting smoothly, the first batch of listed companies under the full registration system will be expected to be produced from the above 16 companies.

It is worth mentioning that, of the 16 companies, three companies including Haisen Pharmaceutical, Huayi Technology, and Wanfeng Co., Ltd. are all Zhejiang companies, accounting for 18.75%.

In accordance with the combination of online inquiry and sale and online pricing and distribution before the implementation of the comprehensive registration system, after obtaining the registration approval, the company will be listed from disclosure of the prospectus to the company.; If the direct pricing method is issued online, it is usually about two weeks.Industry insiders predict that if the above -mentioned companies can obtain the registration approval this week, the fastest or in April this year can be listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen motherboards.

Zhejiang enterprises’ proposed fundraising amount is generally not high

Wanfeng Shares’ Sword refers to "double"

Although the proportion of Zhejiang enterprises is high, the amount of fundraising is generally not high compared to the same period.

Founded in 1998, Hayson Pharmaceutical is a high -tech enterprise specializing in chemical drugs and agglomeration research and development, production and sales. This time, it is planned to raise 600 million yuan.The technical reform project, R & D center and comprehensive office building construction project, and supplementary funds for the construction of the raw and pharmaceutical production line such as Paytein Calcium.

Huayi Technology plans to raise 434 million yuan, and the raised funds will be used to add 80 million annual output of 80 million high -performance spring and surface treatment technical reform projects, high -precision new energy vehicle suspension spring intelligent production line projects and research and development center project projectsEssence

The main purpose of Wanfeng’s IPO is to expand production capacity, and it is planned to raise 548 million yuan to be used for the annual output of 10,000 tons of decentralized dye technology reform project, research and development center construction project, and supplementary funds.At present, Wanfeng’s production capacity is small, and the production capacity of decentralized dye is only 10,000 tons/year.After the implementation of the fundraising project, the company’s total dye capacity will reach 20,000 tons/year.This means that the capacity of Wanfeng Co., Ltd. has doubled its capacity, which is almost equivalent to creating a "Wanfeng shares".

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