The concubine came to ask An, and the queen mother saw a green dragon behind her, greatly: Are you pregnant?

In history, the birth of the emperor was excessively rendered by historians. For example, when Sima Qian said that Liu Bang was born, his mother was suppressed by a dragon, so he gave birth to Liu Bang."Tang Book" records that Li Yuan had "three milk" when he was born, which is strange.When I began to write the "History of the Qing Dynasty" in the Republic of China, I also said that a emperor of the Qing Dynasty was also said. Shunzhi’s concubine came to ask the queen mother to ask for An An. The queen queen saw that there was a blue dragon behind her.Emperor Emperor -Emperor Kangxi.

When the Qing Dynasty entered the customs, the Emperor Shunzhi was only 7 years old. The regent of the regent of the regent, Dole, was in power alone. In order to keep his son’s throne, Empress Xiaozhuang also obeyed Dole.The Emperor Shunzhi was just ten years old. Dorr began to arrange to marry the emperor, and married the niece of Empress Xiaozhuang as the queen at that time.Emperor Shunzhi had been living in the shadow of Dole. When Dorr died, Shunzhi immediately abolished the queen. Although he set up a new queen, he was still depressed.Mother Xiaozhuang knew that her son was difficult to find a confidant, so she chose some showgirls into the palace for Shunzhi. Among them, the daughter of the Zhenglan Banner Tu Lai Lai Jia’s, which is Kangxi’s biological mother.

Speaking of Wu Jiashi, there is also a widely circulated allusions here. Shunzhi night like a dream. Dreaming of a handsome girl standing under a large sycamore tree and beckoning to him, Shunzhi ran out with excitement, and the woman left.So Shunzhi asked Qin Tianjian to interpret his dream. Qin Tianjian told him that Emperor Shunzhi and the woman had a fate, so he tried to find a way and finally found him.Because during the Shunzhi period, the concubine of the Qing Dynasty had not yet been improved.

The concubine that Jia Jiashi was a concubine after Shunzhi. Before Dong Efei entered the palace, Tong Jiashi briefly got the favor of Shunzhi.In late autumn of that year, Jia Jia’s body was unwell and had no appetite, but the process of the Queen Mother’s invitation to the queen mother daily was unavailable. When she stepped into the Cinnan Palace, the Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang was stunned. Xiaozhuang found thatThere was a vague shadow behind Jia Jia’s, as if a green dragon was entangled, and Xiaozhuang was overjoyed. Because there were no outsiders, she quietly asked her daughter -in -law: "Are you pregnant?"Xiaozhuang invited Taiyi to diagnose her, and she really had more than March pregnancy, and everyone was very happy.

The daughter -in -law did not understand how Xiaozhuang could see that she was pregnant. Xiaozhuang said: When I was born in Fulin (Emperor Shunzhi), it was also this scene, so I asked you like this when you saw the blue dragon behind you.Just after the spring of the following year, Jia Jiashi gave birth to a child, named Xuanzang, and was the third son of Shunzhi.Later, Shunzhi died of smallpox (one said that he was a monk). Xuan Zang was selected by Xiaozhuang and became the famous Emperor Kangxi.

Kangxi’s life was much richer than his father, and he also created a lot of political achievements that made future generations notice. Ping San Francisco, Taiwan, and Tsarios in the north are not an exaggeration.However, Kangxi’s biological mother, Tong Jiashi, was a thin person. Two years after Kangxi’s succession, Pu Jia’s death died of illness. The honor of the queen queen, she only enjoyed for two years.

From the perspective of the editor, the different phases of the Jia Jiashi during pregnancy are clearly recorded in the "Draft of the Qing Dynasty" that although it is questioned, it is still acceptable because this story was circulated from the Qing Dynasty.After Kangxi succeeded, in order to express his emperor, he compiled this story, or some historians who had to shoot a horse would deliberately compile this allusion, which is also possible.

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