The correct posture and actions during pregnancy should pay full attention to the movements daily. Pregnant mothers need to understand these

Women are happy and tired during pregnancy, and have their own next generation. This is a happiness and a very tiring time. Then if you can understand the correct posture and actions during pregnancy, you can also have your body to maintain your body.To help, today we will understand the normal posture and actions during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must understand these. Let’s take a look.

1. The best posture of standing

Pregnant mothers should avoid standing for a long time, otherwise it will not only cause back pain, but also aggravate lower limb swelling and varicose veins.Therefore, the correct posture of expectant mothers stands to relax the shoulders when standing, parallel legs, a slightly separated feet, slightly smaller than shoulder width, and straight feet.Standing in this way, the body’s center of gravity falls in both feet, not easy to get fatigue.However, if you stand for a long time, you can stand on the front and back of your feet, and change the front and rear positions every few minutes, so that the weight is on the extended front leg, which can also reduce fatigue.

Second, the best posture of sitting

The chair of the pregnant mother should not be too high or too short, and it should be 40 cm.When the position is changed to sitting, the pregnant mother should support it on the thigh or armrest with her hands, and then sit down slowly.When you sit, you lean on the front, and use your hands to support the waist slowly to the back of the chair, then move your hips to the back of the chair, straighten your back, make it stray on the back of the chair comfortably, and open your feet in parallel.In the deep sitting chair, the back pen is directly against the back of the chair, the thighs become horizontal, and it becomes right angle with the knee joint. This is not easy to cause back pain.

Third, the best posture of lying down

Before 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is best to take a supine position to put a pillow under the leg to relax the body.Before giving birth, almost the entire abdomen was occupied by the uterus. If the pregnant mother took a supine position at this time, the increased uterine was pressed on the aorta behind the uterus.Nutrition and development.

Fourth, the best posture of walking

Because the pregnant mother’s abdomen is convex, the center of gravity is unstable and affects the sight, it is easy to fall, so pay special attention when walking.When pregnant mothers walk straight, look up, tighten their hips, follow the heels first, step on the ground step by step, keep the whole body balance, and walk steadily.Don’t walk with your toes.It may be used to walk with the armrest or railing. Do not quickly move forward.

Through the detailed introduction of the above articles, we already know that the correct posture and movements during pregnancy. When walking, we must pay attention to our focus. When walking, we must pay attention to it. It is best to get the heel first.Don’t be too high when you are sitting. When you sleep, it is best to take a supine at 16 weeks.Do not stand too long in life.

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