The cubs born of Golden Mao and Samoyed are the perfect dogs, beautiful and gentle

Golden Retriever and Samoyed are both the face value of the dog world. They look good, especially Samoyed, and there is a title of smile angels. Can it not look good?As we all know, golden retriever is famous for docile and has a good personality.

What kind of dogs can such an excellent parent come from?

The next dog is a string dog born from the combination of golden retriever and Samoye.Looking closely at the dog’s appearance, you can clearly see that the head is like golden retriever, but the body looks like Samoye. It looks good. The key is that the personality completely inherit the docile of golden retriever, which is also perfect.

Being able to have such a perfect dog is indeed a lot of shit officers dreaming. Sometimes, dogs are like lovers. Whoever does not want to find a handsome and golden person.Does a person exist?

The same is true for choosing pets. Everyone wants to have a good -looking, well -behaved and sensible dog. The key is that there is no such species.A good -looking dog like Husky is not good at all, and a good dog has no angel’s face.

If you have such troubles, then please see this dog. Its parents are the golden retrievers of the IQ and Samoyed, where the fairy. The children they produce are not the same as the value and IQ. This is perfect!

As a string of cross -breed, this dog is indeed possible, perfectly inheriting the advantages of parents.However, not all skewers can be so perfect, and some skewers are born at all without inheriting the genes of their parents. They are exactly a "mutant species."

Therefore, there are risks in string, and mating must be cautious!

The pets we are raising now are all cultivated and breed for multi -generation breeding. Personality and genes are relatively excellent varieties and basically exclude the risk of unknown diseases.Products are extremely unstable.

In terms of personality, even if both parents have a docile personality, the skewers born may be extremely mania, and there will be a phenomenon of weakness and illness. This is why we do not recommend the reason for breed allocation.

Can you guess what kind of dogs are their parents?

These two dogs are raised by more people. Although they are good, the dogs are a bit strange, because these two dogs are small dogs, so they will not have future generations.How big, but this kind of dog completely inherited the diseased constitution of Chihuahua, and couldn’t help it.

Although Fa Dou and Bago are not so common in life, they also belong to the more popular dogs. The dogs stringed from the two seem to look better than the original, and somehow has a pair of big eyes.

Looking at this skewers alone, it is really hard to see which dog it is, but the big ears like the ears are obviously pointing to the bepellet dog. As for the color on the body, it is not inherited at all.The black and white of Bian Mu changed because of the relationship between the earth dog.

Jin Mao and Alaska themselves are not ugly, and the character of golden retriever is still good. If the skewers born can be inherited to the good character of Golden Retriever, it is also good.Where can I go? It is still good to look at it now, but as the dog grows up, it is estimated that it will not be so good. After all, the hair color of the whole body is too mixed.

In fact, with the increase of the number of dogs, it is still difficult to maintain a pure bloodline. If you don’t want your own dogs to make trouble, you can consider sterilizing the dog!

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