The deaf girl was pregnant and was aborted by the domestic violence, and repeated divorce was unsuccessful. The revealing the reason was surprising.

I believe you have never seen such a live broadcast room!

The female anchor was busy changing gestures and expressions. She was squeezing and scratching her ears for a while, while fans looked interesting inside, and enthusiastically interacted with the anchor.

Strangely, the live broadcast room was so quiet that even the root needle fell on the floor.

Some netizens said, "This is the quieter live broadcast room on the entire network."

Some netizens said: "Only watching Tan Ting’s live broadcast will make himself unknowingly tears, and then the chicken is full of blood …"

So who is Tan Ting?

She is the first "Internet celebrity lawyer" who passed the legal professional qualification examination of nearly 30 million deaf.

Tan Ting

Since obtaining a lawyer’s qualification certificate in 2020, Tan Ting has begun to provide legal consulting services to the deaf for free.

In addition, she insisted on launching two Pharaoh videos and live broadcast explanations on the short video platform every week, and she was sweet.

She said: "My mission is to bring the voice of justice into every silent corner."

In fact, Tan Ting is not a natural deaf, nor is it a legal major.What did she experience in these years?

01 Flying to the scourge, stubbornly face

In 1992, Tan Ting was born in an ordinary farmer’s house in Daliangshan District, Sichuan.

She was smart and smart since she was a child.

However, the splashing of fate is trembling.

At the age of 8, neurotic otitis media made the young Tan Ting fell into a silent world.Even if there is a large truck beside him, she can’t hear it at all.

Happiness and beautiful childhood ended abruptly.

Tan Ting was unable to go to school. He could only lie on the window sill every day, watching his classmates, carrying a small schoolbag to school.

At that time, she dreamed that she could return to the campus, and helpless reality was too cruel.

Tan Ting is learning

Looking at the daughter who was originally alive, she can only be at home now, and the hearts of parents with low culture are broken.

In the face of difficulties, some people chose to escape from the desert, and eventually became the slaves of fate, while others chose to go against the wind and eventually become the strong of life.

Tan Ting obviously belongs to the latter.She took out the only "Xinhua Dictionary" at home, and started to learn by herself by relying on the only little pinyin knowledge.

Tan Ting copied over and over again, and often wrote the sore arms, tears in her eyes, and was willing to stop.

Although it was very hard, Tan Ting insisted on gritting her teeth.

In order to make money for her daughter, my parents tightened their trouser belts to save money, and I couldn’t wait to spend a penny for two halves.

Especially my father, almost every day, I went out to work, and I returned home.

In order to save money, he was often hungry and worked, and he was reluctant to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

Tan Ting looked at his young but white parents, and felt that his heart was baked on the fire, which was very uncomfortable.

Tan Ting is live broadcast

However, what makes Tan Ting’s despair is that in the past 5 years, parents have brought medical treatment with themselves, and almost all savings have been spent, but the effect is minimal.Essence

Fortunately, she still has the love of her parents.

At the age of 13 at the age of 13, his parents had a settlement and found a special school willing to receive Tan Ting in Xichang.

Knowing that learning opportunities are not easy, Tan Ting strives to learn.In order to make up the courses in the middle, she even rarely returned her home, and she was hungry to absorb nutrients in the ocean of knowledge.

Regardless of the emergence of the morning dawn or the star Shen Yueluo, Tan Ting is working hard to learn.

Even if the classmates fell asleep, she secretly held a flashlight in the bed.Even if the high fever caused nosebleeds, Tan Ting also read a book while infusion, but he did not relax.

Relying on the toughness, Tan Ting’s academic performance has always been at the top and jumped one after another.

In the 2013 college entrance examination, Tan Ting was the only candidate for Chongqing Normal University’s special education major among the four deaf candidates of Leshan.

Tan Ting is reading a book

Tan Ting thought that after graduating from college, he would glow in his post like other special teachers.

Without thinking, a lawyer Tang Shuai’s recruitment notice rewritten Tan Ting’s life script.

Life is impermanent, unexpectedly everywhere, but the real warriors dare to face the bleak life, and open the road at the mountain and meet the water bridge.In the adversity, constantly hone yourself, and opportunities will meet unexpectedly.

02 self -improve

Tang Shuai, born in 1985, graduated from the Law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

He is the first person in a sign language lawyer in our country and won the title of "CCTV2018".

Because his parents are deaf, Tang Shuai, who has lived in a silent family since he was a child, knows the dilemma of this group.

Therefore, since the age of 7, Tang Shuai has started to learn sign language systematically in order to help more deaf and dumb when he grows up.

In 2012, after Tang Shuai became a lawyer, he began to speak for deaf people and provide services.

Until 2017, the exposure of the "Bao Jian believes" case made Tang Shuai, who had been unknown, entered everyone’s vision.

Tan Ting and Tang Shuai are communicating

In order to satisfy the selfish desire, Bao Jian believed that he used low investment and high returns and other illegal methods. He deceived 2,7861 disabled people, as high as 612 million yuan deposit, and fled.

The victims realized that after being deceived, they had no grievances, and they were anxious like ants on a hot pot.

At this time, Tang Shuai Lu shouted, and came forward to open up justice.

Since then, many disabled people have come here and seek help from him.

Tang Shuai fought alone and lacks his body, so he urgently needed to recruit deaf to be his assistant.Tan Ting successfully joined the job with his outstanding performance.

However, before Tan Ting had time to be happy, she received an almost unable to complete the task -to take the legal test.

As we all know, judicial examinations are commonly known as China’s largest test, and the pass rate of ordinary examiners is only 10%.

There is no doubt that for Tan Ting, who has no legal foundation, it is tantamount to Shangqingtian.

Opening the book, Tan Ting is like reading the heavenly book, let alone understanding and understanding all kinds of rare legal terms.

And those videos of law without subtitles are even more difficult for Tan Ting and Tan Ting, who are invisible.

Knowing that there is a tiger in the mountains, Tan Ting, who has always been stubborn, chose to take this hard bone.

Tan Ting threw herself into the sea of the title, fell asleep and forgot to eat, and picked the lights at night.

Tan Ting immersed in the title of the title

When she encountered the term that she didn’t understand, she turned the dictionary to check the information; when she saw the legal video without subtitles, she tried to find out the content of the video.

The pile of the mountains like a mountain is like a mountain, and Tan Ting often makes Tan Ting dizzy, but he can’t get angry, and even feel uncomfortable … However, after Tan Ting cried, he wiped his tears and continued to fight in the sea of the title.

At that time, she felt that her entire body was filled with the problem, and even pores were full of unknown legal terms.

Good things, although Tan Ting tried his strength, but the result was unsatisfactory.

In the twice of 2018 and 2019, she was named Sun Shan.

The more he is in mud, the stubborn Tan Ting is reluctant to bow to his fate easily.

She said, "Because I have no umbrella, children who have no umbrella run hard on rainy days."

However, fate prefer to tease people.

In 2020, the first week before the third law test was approaching, Tan Ma, who was only 46 years old, was unfortunately found to have cancer, late.

The sudden bad news caused Tan Ting to collapse.

She did not expect that the ruthless God would hit her suffering again. At the beginning, her father died because of cancer.

In the hospital, Tan Ting pretended to take care of his mother with a smile.

When the night was quiet, Tan Ting thought that his mother’s life was slowly giving away, so she couldn’t help crying and swallowed her choke.

Tan Ting

In order to accompany her mother, Tan Ting made a decision to abandon the test for the first time, but the weak mother objected after knowing: "You live for me, you should live for yourself …"

Under her mother’s insistence, Tan Ting finally had to wipe out tears, and she reluctantly left and went to the examination room.

During the exam, Tan Ting burst into tears while answering the question.She knew that she left her mother for a minute, which meant less with her mother for one minute.

The painstaking person, the heavens are reluctant.

Tan Ting finally passed the judicial examination in the third re -exam and became the first deaf lawyer in my country.

Mother Tan, who was tortured, left with this good news.

Since then, Tan Ting’s life has only gone back.

Life is alive.Only those who are facing strongly and actively finding the way can come out of the life of the fog and welcome the new sun and rain dew.

Tan Ting family

03 Nirvana rebirth, harvest happiness

After her mother left, the sad Tan Ting buried sadness in her heart and quickly rushed back to the law firm to work.

For her, the law firm has long become her home, and the deaf and dumb group is her brothers and sisters. She wants to contribute her weak power to them.

There are nearly 30 million deaf people in my country. Because of disability and other factors, the opportunity for them to be educated is minimal. It can be said that 99%are illiterate.

Their legal awareness is weak, and they do not understand any illegal acts, nor to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

A deaf girl from the northwest was repeatedly violent after marriage.Even after pregnancy, she was beaten to abortion.

She was desperate for divorce, but her husband did not agree.In the end, she could only choose to run away from home.

There is also an indifferent deaf and dumb girl who has received a marriage certificate with others ignorant.

Later, she wanted to terminate her marriage relationship, but she repeatedly divorced, and she came to the law firm for help.

Tan Ting looked at the case, and found that the word "withdrawal" was written on it.

Tan Ting is working

It turned out that lawyers misunderstood the parties’ sign language and mistakenly understood "divorce" as "withdrawal". No wonder the parties could not do so.

In fact, the cases of deaf people are misunderstood by lawyers, and it is not uncommon for misunderstanding.After all, the natural sign language and written sign language used by deaf people have certain differences.

For example, the written sign language of the fire extinguishes, to the deafness, it is reunited after the fire is extinguished.

This is a gap between deaf and sound people.

In order to do this bridge -Tan Ting needs to speak.But you have to talk about it for more than ten years, how easy it is!

Every time I spoke, Tan Ting felt that the vocal cord was torn like a long -lasting meat, and it was torn a little, painful like a needle.

Nevertheless, Tan Ting faced the difficulties again.

In order to practice correctly, Tan Ting specially installed a transcription software on his mobile phone to detect his pronunciation.

Every day when she is free, she talks to her mobile phone over and over again.If the mobile phone "can’t understand", she has been practicing until she has dry mouth, her throat and pain can’t stop the sound before they stop.

"I am glad to know you", just six words made Tan Ting practice for three months.

In addition, she also used all opportunities to use buying vegetables, coffee and other opportunities to exercise her spoken language.

Bao Jianfeng came out of.

After a "devil -style" exercise, compared with the original can only be communicated with others, Tan Ting can now be used together with sign language and spoken language, and the communication is getting smoother and smoother.

In order to better popularize the law, Tan Ting even launched a live broadcast.

Tan Ting passed the Law of Popular Law

In the live broadcast room, Tan Ting turned his hands flexibly, constantly switching his expression, and patiently answering questions for the deaf.Netizens saw her serious and focused, and they couldn’t help crying with tears.

How many difficulties did Tan Ting go to this day?

His suffering never spared Tan Ting, and Tan Ting never spared suffering.

As she was interviewed: "Even if life is scarlet, we must learn optimistic and strong."

The world kissed me pain in pain, and I reported to sing.

Today, Tan Ting grows melon and grow beans.

In her career, she is like a fish; in her life, she gains happiness.

Tan Ting’s husband and wife are college classmates and work at the Hua Dynasty law firm.Similar life situations, the three views of the same frequency, let them cherish each other and love each other.

Although her husband is a natural deaf, in Tan Ting’s eyes, he can speak more than anyone else.As soon as he mentioned her husband, Tan Ting was glowing and full of love.

Yes, a smiley face, a look, is the best love for each other in the world.

This year, their baby daughter met as scheduled.Two deaf people+one child’s family of three, with laughter and tears.

Tan Ting’s smiley face

Since 2021, Tan Ting has a new identity that is a teacher at Southwest University of Political Science and Law.She hopes to cultivate a group of talents that can provide deaf and provide legal services.

Today, Tan Ting not only found his own value of life, was recognized by the public, and found a good person, but also had a happy and happy home.

On the road of long life, strong people can always hold their destiny tightly in their hands, actively face the storm in life, and finally keep the clouds and see the moon.

04 Write at the end

The famous writer Tagor said: "Only by experiencing hell -like torture can they have the power of conquering heaven; only the blood flowing the blood can pop up the world’s singing."

Looking back at the growth of Tan Ting’s turning into a butterfly, she changed from a deaf inferiority girl to the country’s first deaf lawyer in the country. The bitterness and bitterness experienced.

Although she is disabled, she has been working hard, and has been struggling to run, running hard, and announced to the world with her actions that deaf people are not useless.

The facts also prove that those who dare to die with their fate, even if they are incomplete, the wind frost sword is hard, and can still continue to strengthen the meaning of life.

Tan Ting is enjoying life

There are probably two mountains in life, one is about how to build and define self, and the other is how to get rid of and abandon themselves.

If the first mountain is about climbing alone and realizing its own value, then the second mountain is about dedication and fraternity.

People live, dream of themselves, honor their own honor, create happiness by themselves, and find themselves happily.

If happiness comes from self -achievement, then happiness comes from giving roses.

There are nine difficulties in life of life.

If we can face the suffering of life calmly, with the efforts of ordinary people, we will strive to break away from the weaving, and we will definitely break through the slit of life and live into a dazzling light.

. END.

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