The difference between husband and wife is 80 years old?The century -old man married his 20 -year -old wife, netizens: Can you still have a child?

Yue Lao’s line is sometimes incredible, and age looks fragile in front of love. This has formed a lot of "old husband and young wife" or "old wife and young husband".

For such a special combination, it is often the most confused, but not whether the two can cross the huge age gap and cause love.

The most curious thing is that the combination of couples with a large age gap can give birth to the crystallization of love?

The century -old man married his 20 -year -old wife, and the husband and wife are 80 years old

On February 28, a less common wedding was held in Indonesia. A centenarian who had experienced the Dutch colonial period and married a 20 -year -old woman as a wife.

It can be seen from the photo that the old man is still very satisfied with his wife and has a happy expression.Netizens are surprised: so much difference, can you still have children?

In China, there is actually such a "old man and young wife" combination.For example, the 82 -year -old Nobel winner Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan of 28 were concluded for the fairy couple.

In September 19th, Weng Fan also reported that Weng Fan had rumors. Although he was rumored afterwards, the elderly husband and young wife could make love fruits, which is indeed a happy event worthy of congratulations.

In fact, all life has a regular way to follow. No matter whether men and women, they have the best age of childbearing, which is a natural pivotal force.Women’s best fertility age is between 23-30 and men are between 25 and 35 years old.

"Best" means that even if it is not in this age, there is still the opportunity to have children, so that the word "old is old".

Take men as an example.

Angle limit: A 15 -year -old girl and a 13 -year -old boy in the UK gave birth to a child because of an accident. Two people who were originally children played games.And Guinness.


The upper limit of the age: The 78 -year -old gambler He Hongzheng, who was 78 years old, and gave birth to a young girl He Chaoxin with Liang Anqi. It can be seen that the elderly husband may still have fertility.

First, "My Shengjun is old"

There is a saying that it is very suitable here. Originally, I was forgotten love, but for the child, when he was born, the parents had already entered the twilight years. Maybe it was not sensible.Why isn’t it a kind of sorrow?Especially when the father is old, the child is still young, and the most pitiful at this time.You must know that his father is the pillar of the family and the child’s leaning, but the "old go" is a resistance to make the child’s situation difficult.

Second, the child has the hidden danger of defects

I just said that men and women have the best age of pregnancy, so why should there be children during the best pregnancy?The greater the probability of cell mutation because of the best period of childbirth, and the unknown situation of mutation may cause children to be inherently defective.Or inherit the shortcomings of parents.

Of course, love is like a tornado. When it comes, no one can stop it. The age is so small in the face of love.The inspection must be strict. This is responsible for the child, and it is also responsible for his own life.

Children are the wealth of the family. Everyone should try my best to protect him. Don’t let him come to the world with love, but survive with regret.

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