The distress of older women: The in -laws ask for pregnancy before they can get married

When a woman reaches a certain age, there is no advantage in the marriage market. Especially after the best childbirth age, she is often worried about whether they can have children. This problem is absurd but realistic.

A 38 -year -old woman left a message saying that she was very distressed recently. The in -laws asked themselves to get pregnant before they could get married.

The quiet appearance is not outstanding, and it is not cold, but she is a woman who is in her career. She is so busy that she has no time to fall in love, but in the end, the company went bankrupt and quiet.Recently, she started to worry because she pursued her opposite sex less and less.

She signed up for a blind date, but she was not married, or she was a second marriage, or she was young and she was too old to abandon her age.Gradually, quietly also reduced the requirements, as long as the other party does not dislike himself.

But the human nature is cheap. The more you do n’t try anything, the more you feel that you must have a problem. Seeing a few men in succession. When they see the quiet and hate marriage, they all think that this woman must have a problem concealment.Quiet is also very angry. If you have an advantage, you will not have no request!

I have countless times, disappointed countless times, and want to give up quietly, but I met Wang Qiang. He was a very honest man. When he saw quiet, he said that he wanted to find a woman to pass on to the same.Too beautiful, just help yourself to have children.This sentence made Jing Jing listen awkwardly, but she finally did not dare to ask for anything that she didn’t dislike herself.

Two months after two people, Wang Qiang always managed to quietly, and wanted to let quietly go to his rental house. After all, he got along with a short time and quietly refused.

In the face of quiet performance, Wang Qiang was unhappy. He said that he was so old and reserved. We have a step later than their peers.Looking at Wang Qiang with a quiet face.

Wang Qiang went on to say that the two people were not young, and the family did not agree with the marriage of the two, because they disgusted the quiet age and worried that they could not give birth to children.

Hearing these words, quiet and angry, but it was relieved. After all, after a woman had the best age, she would be difficult to get pregnant again, but she still had no way to accept Wang Qiang’s request and had to break up.

Next, I had a few more blind dates, but the results were still not ideal, and quietly wanted to open, and no longer obsessed with marriage.Even if you do n’t get married for a lifetime, you feel that there is no big deal. After all, everyone ’s life is different, but not wonderful, depending on their own operations.

Marriage is not a must for life, it is just a choice.In the face of the other half of the higher requirements, many people will choose not to marry. When a lifestyle is unusual, it will always attract others’ criticism. In fact, it is just a speculation. After all, no one can feel the same.

The road you choose will be finished. Since you choose, don’t regret it. The key is to regret it. After all, life is a journey where there is no return, and everything can only be seen forward.As for choosing to marry or not, there is nothing wrong with. The most important thing is that we must understand what we want and bear all the consequences.

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