The doctor of pregnancy directly asked her to do yin super. What is going on?

Some time ago, I heard a pregnant mother complaining that after learning that I was pregnant, I was going to the hospital for a examination. When I arrived at the first hospital, the doctor said that it would be a yin super.I was a little scared, so I changed to another hospital. I went to the second hospital. The doctor suggested to do a B -ultrasound to say that the early embryo is not stable in bed, and it cannot be a yin super.After listening to her life, she was a little embarrassed. Although she did a B -ultrasound as expected, which statement of the two doctors was correct?

Today, I will tell you about the similarities and differences between these two types of production inspections, helping the majority of pregnant mothers to understand these two things.

In fact, Yin Chao and B -ultrasound belong to the belonging relationship. Yin Chao is the abbreviation of vaginal B -ultrasound, so it belongs to a type of B -ultrasound, that is, the probe is placed in the vagina to check the ovary, uterus, attachment, etc.The advantage of this method is that pregnant women do not need to urinate, and because they are close to the uterus and ovaries, the image is clear and resolution, the accuracy of the examination is high, and there is almost no damage to the body.However, there are also applicable people, such as the examination of some diseases must be performed, such as: uterine fibroids, cysts, polyps, or cervicitis, but some people are not suitable for doing, including vaginal hemorrhage, vaginal acute inflammation of the vagina, acute inflammation of vaginal inflammationThose, tumors are too large, and those who are not married are not suitable for doing.Be sure to choose according to your own situation.

It is not unreasonable like the first doctor mentioned above. It is not unreasonable. If you pass B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy, you can basically not see anything.It is necessary to understand the condition of the fetus, so at this time, the intelligent suggestion is recommended to do yin.However, during pregnancy, doctors still do not recommend excessive yin super examination, because putting the probe into the vagina may cause abortion, so it is better to do less.

B -ultrasound is a test that uses ultrasonic old -fashioned to the body. At the same time, it accepts the reflex wave of the body’s internal organs, reflecting the received information on the information screen.Many people have prejudice to B -ultrasound, and they believe that radiation will increase fetal malformation rates. This statement is nonsense.B -ultrasound is a kind of ultrasonic, not electromagnetic radiation or ionization. It is not harmful to the human body, and it is a very popular consumption. It is very convenient to check.

About 3-6 B -ultrasounds should be performed during pregnancy, so as to ensure the normal development of the fetus; and patients with organ lesions need to pass B -ultrasound for examination; women with some gynecological diseases also need to pass the B ultrasound for examination.There are many cases, as long as the doctors suggest, they need to check in time.Generally, at 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can pass the B -ultrasound to check whether there are abnormalities, but before that, it is not recommended to do such a check.

Many novice mothers should not be afraid of trouble. Making various examinations for the healthy growth of the fetus is a process that each mothers must go through during pregnancy. It is clear that the role of each test is what Weige mother should understand.The pregnant mother who does not know will make others joke.

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