The doctor reminds: After the "flow of people", it has not come to menstruation than this time, so be vigilant

Women’s choice of abortion to terminate pregnancy is often a helpless move. Most of them hope that people’s flow is just the "episode" in life, which does not affect the normal life and the plan of children in the future.However, no matter what kind of flow of people choose, there will be risk of infertility that causes women.Hu Dongmei, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that one month after the flow of women can consider getting pregnant again. If you still cannot get pregnant after half a year or a year, you need to doubt the possibility of infertility.

Deputy Director Hu Dongmei

After the flow of people, women are most worried about being unclean or abortion that cause uterine damage.In order to judge whether these situations have appeared, in addition to paying attention to long -term bleeding and abnormal abnormal phenomena after surgery, women are mainly to see if they will restore normal menstruation one month after surgery.

According to Deputy Director Hu Dongmei, women generally recover menstruation one month after the abortion, otherwise it is an abnormal phenomenon and requires medical treatment and corresponding treatment."There are several possibilities for menstruation for a month after the flow of people. The first is that the flow of people is not clean, and the embryo is still developing; the second is that the abortion has led to the damage of the uterus, such as the adhesion of the uterine cavity, the cervix and other parts, which will also cause it will also leadDo not come to menstruation; the third is that there may be women who have endocrine disorders after the abortion of women. The last one may be that women do not follow the doctor’s order in this month.

Deputy Director Hu Dongmei emphasized that the first menstruation of women after the flow of women is very important. It is a symbol of the endometrium repair. "If women can come to menstruation one month after the abortion, it means that the endometrium has returned to normal state. The uterine cavity cavity cavity cavity cavity cavity cavityThere is no adhesion to the cervix due to abortion surgery. At this time, women can restore sexual life or consider pregnancy again. "

For some women, because they have no fertility plan to take the initiative to choose the abortion, for the other parts of the women, they are ready to welcome new life, but they have to end pregnancy due to embryonic stopping.This part of women often hopes to get pregnant as soon as possible and "pick it back" for babies who have nothing to do.

Deputy Director Hu Dongmei said that as long as women can return to normal menstruation, theoretically, they can consider pregnancy again. For older women, it is generally not recommended to wait for too long.After the embryo stops developing, only the Qing Palace (abortion) can be performed to terminate pregnancy. This part of the elderly patients do not recommend waiting for too long before pregnancy, and if the conditions permit, we should strive to get pregnant as soon as possible. Foreign studies have shown that abnormal pregnancy has been indicated that abnormal pregnancyAfter a short -term pregnancy after abortion, the chance of pregnancy complications is lower. If women within 35 years old, if there are normal sexual life, they have not been pregnant for one year, and women over 35 years old have not been pregnant for half a year, they should consider infertility."

Once a woman suffers from infertility because of the flow of people, Deputy Director Hu Dongmei admits that the situation is often a little tricky. "The flow of people can cause fallopian tube blockage, endometrial damage to infertility.Dredging the fallopian tubes, if it cannot be opened, only IVF can have the hope of pregnancy. As for the uterine endometrial injury, the uterine cavity adhesion may be more troublesome. Patients with uterine cavity adhesion can only be separated by hysteroscopy.Place the in -the -uterine -saving device or balloon to prevent adhesion again, plus the use of drugs to promote endometrial hyperplasia. After a period of time, take out the in -the -palace birthpool to have the opportunity to get pregnant.It is very difficult, and the chance of pregnancy will be greatly reduced in the future. "

Therefore, Deputy Director Hu Dongmei emphasizes that women should never take the flow of people. If there is no pregnancy plan, they must take contraceptive measures.What damage to your body is caused, and no doctor dares to guarantee to patients to finish the flow of people this time, and the next time I will be able to get pregnant normally.

Correspondent: Wu Xiaodan

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