The dog deficiency is dangerous, and the shoveling officer is too late!

In our daily life, dogs have become one of the common family members.With the development of various network platforms, more and more people have begun to share various interesting moments when people get along with dogs on different platforms. Therefore, they like dogs.normal.

But raising dogs is not an easy task. Many people raise dogs. They are often limited to eating dogs and let it sleep in place.But to raise dogs, in addition to eating and sleeping, paying attention to the health of dogs is also very important. For example, to see if dogs are deficient in calcium. Calcium deficiency in dogs will cause a series of serious consequences, and even there are even there are still.It may cause irreversible diseases.

Below, let’s take a look at the harm of dog deficiency in dogs.

Dog deficiency can cause dog’s bone development and may affect the dog’s life.During their childhood, if the dog was not supplemented with an appropriate amount of calcium, they would have ribs, the forelimb wrist joints, and elbow joint deformation. After adulthood, dogs will turn ribs, forelimb wrist joints, and elbow joints.

If it is some dogs with susceptible diseases, such as bullfighting dogs, Corgi, etc., short -term dogs, if calcium deficiency lacks for a long time, bone development is not good, there will be a greater risk of paralysis.Pay attention.

As we all know, teeth are very important for dogs.Except, when they feel that they are in danger, they will show sharp teeth and scare each other. Inside, the dogs are inseparable from the chewing of their teeth when they eat anything.However, if the dog is deficient in calcium, the chance of suffering from various diseases in the teeth will increase.

Dogs need to go through a stage of teeth during the puppies. The newly grown permanent teeth replaced the deciduous teeth. If the dog deficiency at this time, the speed of the permanent teeth will slow down, and the deciduous teeth will not be completely separated.Dogs have double -row teeth.

In addition, the dog’s teeth will also appear to have thin tooth glaze layers due to calcium deficiency, the teeth structure is not strong, and gingivitis.

Calcium is an important part of dog joint bone development.If the dog deficiency is calcium, it will cause them to have osteoporosis, which will make the dog’s bones fragile.

Especially for some lively and moving dogs, they usually like to jump up and down. If the bones become crispy, the probability of dogs suffering from bone spurs and fractures will also greatly increase.For the overweight and obese dogs, the pressure of the skeleton will also become large and unbearable, which will lead to a fracture phenomenon.

The long -term calcium -deficient dogs are easy to deform with limbs.The dog’s hind legs will become soft, and it looks like walking without strength. In fact, this is cartilage.Dogs with cartilage diseases cannot support the entire body, and they will deform when walking.

For pregnant dogs, calcium deficiency can lead to convulsions of the limbs.Dogs that are pregnant are easy to cause acute calcium deficiency in postpartum calcium because the blood calcium concentration in the body is too low.The temperature of the dog may even soar to more than 40 degrees, which can cause coma and death in severe cases.

After knowing the harm of calcium deficiency in dogs, we must know how to effectively supplement the dog calcium.

Take more dogs to bask in the sun

Studies have shown that more dogs with dogs can give dogs a role in calcium supplementation, because the dog’s skin has a substance called dehydrogenation cholesterol. This substance can be converted into vitamin D3 under the action of ultraviolet rays.It can also effectively promote the absorption and utilization of calcium in dog bones.

Choose dog food rich in vitamin D3 for dogs

Vitamin D3 can increase the body’s absorption of calcium and enhance the calcification of bones. If you want to supplement the dog, you can choose dog food rich in vitamin D3.

Feed the dog with an appropriate amount of calcium tablets

When a dog is obviously deficient in calcium, the ordinary diet or the sun can no longer replenish the amount they need.At this time, shovel officers must choose calcium tablets dedicated to pets for dogs.

Conclusion: Is your dog deficiency in calcium?

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