The doubt of a young single woman: Whether a man urine and ejaculate at the same time during the same room

When Xiao Ai surfed online, I saw a single female netizen asking such a matter, and the discussion was quite high.

"When I went to the toilet today, I suddenly thought of a problem. Men’s ejaculation and urine seemed to come out of the urethral opening. Want to know how they controlled so well? Will they urinate when ejaculation?Single for more than 20 years, I have no chance to study in person. It is really curious. Whether there is a great god or a male compatriot to answer. "

In fact, this incident is not only puzzled by this young woman, but many female friends have also expressed curiosity and want to know the answer.Today, Xiao Ai will tell you this problem.

As soon as the big -brain girls thought about it, men’s urine and semen came out of the urethral mouth, worried that they were urinating at the same time when men’s sexual life was excreted.

But in general, men’s semen and urine will not be discharged at the same time.Because there is a special structure in the urethral urethra, the urethral membrane sphincter.

In the state of excitement in the process of male sex, the intensive sphincter of the urethral membrane and the bladder sphincter will shrink at the same time, so that the two will create a closed space. In this space, the sperm and other secretions will form semen.

When the semen is gathered to a certain amount or a male reaches the orgasm, the urethral membrane is sphincter to relax, and the semen ejaculates from the urethral mouth. At this time, the bladder sphincter will not relax, so the urine will not be discharged.

Moreover, as a "commander", the brain will not issue instructions for urination at this time, so under normal circumstances, do not worry about male ejaculation and urination at the same time.

Sexual life is a catalyst of emotion, but some women have vaginal bleeding after the same room. What is going on?Doctors of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University said that they are mostly related to these reasons.

1. Big reproductive tract inflammation

Barcostic inflammation such as vaginitis, cervicitis, and endometritis, is the common cause of vaginal bleeding after sex.Women with inflammation such as trichomoniasis vaginitis, mold vaginitis, and elderly vaginitis, vagina in sexual life will be stimulated by stimulation to produce blood -based secretions.Symptoms such as mucosal edema appear.

2. vaginal injury

Private bleeding may be caused by hymen injury or vaginal injury. Women who have sex for the first time may be accompanied by a small amount of bleeding.If there is a lot of vaginal bleeding after the same room, you should be alert to vaginal laceration, which is more common in some rough or non -voluntary sexual intercourse. This situation should be seen as soon as possible.

3. Tumor

Tumors such as cervical cancer may also cause symptoms of bleeding after the same room, and the amount of bleeding is not much, which is bright red. This is because the cervical tissue becomes crispy after cancer.alert.

4. Other reasons

Other reasons such as menstrual period, sub -fibroids of cervical mucosa, and premature sexual life after abortion may also cause symptoms of vaginal bleeding after the same room.

After the sex life, many people habitually wipe it with paper towels. Is this right?In fact, the practice of wiping with paper towels after the same room or hidden health hazards.There are hidden safety hazards in the quality of paper towels

Some of the paper towels on the market are not available. Among them, bacteria may be carried, and wiping with this paper towel may bring health risks.If you don’t clean it, you can breed bacteria

In the process of sexual life, there are both sweat and lubricating liquid in the privacy parts. It is likely to wipe it with only paper towels, which is likely to not be cleaned, which is more likely to breed bacteria. For a long time, women may be stared at gynecological inflammation. Therefore, it is not recommended to wipe with paper towels.Should not use wet paper towels

Women’s private parts have acidic secretions from me, and wet paper towels are often too alkaline, which will destroy the self -protection barrier of women’s private parts. Therefore, it is best not to wipe with wet paper towels.

It is recommended to rest for 15-30 minutes after the sex life is over to make the body relax, and then take a bath with warm water (38 ° C ~ 39 ° C).It is best to use a shower during a bath, especially women, to avoid rinse beneficial bacteria and bring harmful bacteria into the vagina.In addition, we must pay attention to the cleaning of key parts such as genitals, vulva, and anus, so as not to be good for hidden dirt is not conducive to physical health.

Although men’s urine and semen pass through the same way, they do not have to worry about urination while ejaculating in men’s ejaculation in sex.In the process of sex, bleeding in women’s private parts is best to check the doctor as soon as possible. After the sex life is over, remember to take a bath and clean the key parts.

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