The dragon fruit is too expensive. Leave 1 "flesh" to bury the soil, germinate in 7 days, and the results will not be eaten in the coming year.

The dragon fruit is too expensive. Leave 1 "flesh" to bury the soil, germinate in 7 days, and the results will not be eaten in the coming year.

Many people usually like to eat dragon fruit. The dragon fruit contains rich nutritional value, can promote digestion, and make people younger, but the price of dragon fruit is more expensive.So, not a person can afford it often.

But people in life like to eat dragon fruit, so when encountering such a problem, have you ever wondered to plant dragon fruit in the family?In this way, you don’t need to spend a penny, and then you can also eat the natural fresh dragon fruit, and eat it with it, and the dragon fruit is also a very beautiful potted plant, which can be raised at home.Essence

Today, I will introduce the method of raising dragon fruit. You only need to leave 1 "flesh" to bury the soil. It will germinate in 7 days.

1. Prepare the pulp of dragon fruit

If we want to pick up a pot of dragon fruit at home, we must choose the correct type and have red hearts and white hearts in the market, then we must choose the white heart dragon fruit, because the red heart dragon fruit cannot end at home.The reason why the dragon fruit is prepared is because the flesh contains a large amount of dragon fruit seeds, and these seeds can easily raise a pot of dragon fruit.

2. The method of taking dragon fruit seeds

Everyone knows that the dragon fruit seeds are hidden in many pulps. It is very difficult to do one capsule, so we can use stockings to wrap the pulp of the dragon fruit, and then put it in water.Get the dragon fruit seeds.

3. Gend the dragon fruit seeds germination

In order to make the fire dragon fruit seeds easier, we need to germinate before planting. The method of germination is simple. You only need to put the dragon fruit seeds in water and soak it for 1 to 2 days to stimulate the activity of the dragon fruit seeds.

4. How to plant dragon fruit

After completing the above steps, we buried the seeds of the dragon fruit in a loose and breathable soil. We only need to bury it in light, and then pour the water, wrap the dragon fruit seeds with plastic wrap, and then pour some small small small small small on it.Pole, convenient and breathable.Then place it in a place where there are astigmatism, sprinkle some water every other day, and you can germinate in about 7 days.

5. The maintenance method of dragon fruit

When the dragon fruit sprouts and grows the seedlings, we can maintain it according to the normal maintenance method. First of all, the dragon fruit seed meat plant must use the method of watering and wet water when watering.Tropical plants, like light, usually need to perform light time for 8 to 10 hours to make the dragon fruit grow strong and make fruit.In the end, in order to accelerate the growth of dragon fruit, we can eat some organic fertilizer for dragon fruit every month. It is recommended to use earthworm manure, because earthworm dung and this multi -mineral element, and pure natural pollution, the method of use is also very usefulSimple, it is not suitable for raising dragon fruit.

Therefore, if you usually abandon the dragon fruit, it is too expensive, you may want to leave 1 point of fruit buried in the soil. According to the above methods, you can germinate in 7 days.

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