The dreams of making pregnancy have such a special significance

Dream of pregnancy

Girlfriends have been pregnant for more than eight months, and their reactions have been very large during pregnancy, and their bodies are always uncomfortable.During the second trimester, he became insomnia and dreams, and his mental state was not very good. The whole person was always drowsy. Last month, she talked to me about a few dreams I have recently made.

"Yesterday I dreamed that I was singing. Do you remember the KTV I often went to school when we went to school? Just like that, I am still thinking about me with such insufficiency, how can I sing with you again, let alone meStill pregnancy? But looking down, my belly is gone! Where did the child go? But I didn’t seem to worry at all. I ordered a lot of songs. Is there no difference between the opening and the original singing?When will I sing? I told you that yesterday’s dream is my highlights in the field of music … "Seeing the video of the video, the eyebrows described by my girlfriend seemed to see a confident Maiba.

"Last week, I also had a dream, dreaming that I was sketching in a field, sketching! My God, I actually did such a literary thing? But I painted it.There is a bunch of brushes in my hand. There is an idea in my head. Hurry up and go home quickly. I tell you that I drew a large piece of rapeseed land, and the scarecrow.Okay, painter, rapeseed, can you imagine it? Can you? "

"Obviously a female man with five major and three rough. Why do you always dream of being a literary girl?" I couldn’t help but quickly poke her fantasy.

"I don’t know, the key is that I am particularly tired. The dream is actually very enjoyable, but after waking up, I am particularly tired. Let me have a dream of playing mahjong. I think it is better …"

"Hahahaha, you are going to ‘unload’ immediately this month. These two dreams say that you dream of yourself, but as far as you say that they are quite contrast, maybe it is related to your baby?"

"Related to him?"

"Well, pregnancy is a special period. After all, children will not tell you anything, but there is a saying that the subconscious of the fetus and the mother must be connected, and dreams are a kind of subconscious expression., Understand. "

"Oh, don’t you just draw in this dream, or it’s a girl, wouldn’t it be a girl? I carelessly, the girl can’t raise it well. I always hope to be a boy, and the electric car will be optimistic!"

"That’s not sure, your baby may not be a literary girl, very artistic!"

"Oh, this is not possible, what can I do, or give you a birth?"

Alas, no serious.

Special dreams are given to the special you

The dream of my girlfriend made me think of the phenomenon of "fetal dream"."Fetal Dream" is a special one in dreams, because it not only points to the mother, but also to the fetus.

We all know that mothers and fetuses are symbiotic during pregnancy.The fetus is tightly linked by the umbilical cord, the placenta, and the mother’s every move affects the fetus.The fetus can hear the sound: the sound of the most beautiful and controlling the environment where the fetus is located is the rhythmic heart fighting sound of the mother.The fetus also has a sense of touch: he can use his mouth to suck his hands, and he can shrink or stretch in the uterus.The fetus also has the sensation of vision and smell. Studies have proved that humans have limited psychological activities during the fetus.

You can know your baby through dreams

Since the fetus has psychological activities, there must be their own preferences, desires, and personality characteristics. Of course, the fetus in the uterus will not directly tell the mother what they want. Babies will choose various forms to interact with their mother: shouldWhen they need some nutrition, mothers will prefer certain foods; when they feel unsafe, the mother’s body indicators will fluctuate … they will also pass their own information by affecting the mother’s subconscious, dreams during pregnancy, dreams during pregnancy,It is also a way to understand the psychological activity of the fetus.

There are also some legendary stories about "fetal dreams" in history.During the Republic of China, a general called Wu Peifu. During his mother’s pregnancy, Qi Jiguang, who had dreamed of the Ming Dynasty, came home. The family was very happy to hear the news and think that this child was reincarnated by Qi Jiguang.Later, Wu Peifu did become a warlord general. From the beginning of the exam to becoming a talented person, he was a soldier, and his family was just an ordinary people’s home, not descendants of soldiers.From this story, we can see that the dream of pregnancy may reflect the fetal personality and preferences. Each person’s innate temperament is different, and some temperament cannot be changed by acquired cultivation guidance.

By the way, her girlfriend’s desire to want a boy is out of time, because she has successfully "unloaded" a little princess the day before yesterday. She is really a girl!Perhaps this baby is really a super -artistic literary girl.

Today, society has developed a complete prenatal education system, and there are many ways to prenatal education. Every mother hopes to build a good interaction with the child from the fetus. Dreams during pregnancy are just a way to understand the baby.Record the dreams of pregnancy and sort out thinking. Perhaps every moment can have new discoveries.

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