The drug flow of regrets on the world is still abortion. Which one is less harmful to the body?

Immediately after the previous article, Jojo came to fill the pit!IntersectionIntersectionRegarding the flow of drug flow or the flow of people, it hurts less to the body. After reading these two "regrets on the world" PK race, let’s decide!

Flow VS Pharmaceutical Flow PK

Number 1 abortion time limit comparison

Negative pressure attraction is generally suitable for women within 10 weeks of pregnancy.Drug abortion is generally suitable for early pregnancy abortion within 49 days.

Theoretically, the drug flow can also be applied to more than 49 days, but the effect may not be good within 7 weeks, and the risk of residuals may be greater, and it is possible to re -clear the palace.Therefore, the drug flow above 49 days is generally needed to be hospitalized for safety considerations.

The negative pressure attraction in time range is wider than the drug flow

Number 2 is suitable for crowd comparison

Negative pressure attraction is suitable for women who need abortion within 10 weeks of pregnancy, and these women cannot have surgical contraindications.

The drug flow is suitable for women who require abortion within 49 days of pregnancy.PS: It is necessary to be hospitalized in more than the number of days.

Or women who have a high risk of abortion (such as scar uterus) for various reasons can also give priority to the drug flow.Of course, women who are very afraid of surgery can also choose the drug flow.

Number 3 contraindication comparison

For women who use taboos such as meltano and macoolitol, are not suitable for drug abortion, such as patients with epilepsy and glaucoma.

The contraindications of abortion mainly refer to the condition of the inflammatory period of the reproductive tract, the acute phase of various diseases, or other infertile surgery.

It is important to point out that the early pregnancy of the ring requires an artificial abortion when abortion, which is not suitable for drug abortion.

Number4 takes time and spend comparison

Negative pressure attraction, if it is an outpatient clinic surgery in advance, the surgery takes 15 minutes. After 2 hours of observation, you can go home without special.

Drug flow, regardless of the dangling method or the division method, requires three days for medication.Usually, the embryo sac that is pregnant after using Mepide on the third day will fall out.

Therefore, in terms of operation, the flow of people is more convenient and shorter.

In terms of spending, the inspection items of drug flow and abortion clinics are basically the same.It mainly includes conventional blood tests, hepatitis B HIV syphilis examination, and B ultrasound.

There are more people’s surgical costs and anesthesia costs.The general drug flow of Shanghai Three Hospital is about 700 yuan, and the outpatient flow costs about 1,200 yuan (including inspection, surgery, and anesthesia).The data is for reference only, and the accurate hospital charges shall prevail.

Number5 postoperative bleeding time comparison

The negative pressure attraction was about 3-7 days after surgery. The artificial negative pressure attraction directly cleared the pregnancy tissue, and the amount of bleeding was less.

The time of drug flow bleeding is usually greater than 1 week. Materials such as moltage completely exclude it for a certain time, so the total bleeding time increases accordingly.Therefore, some experts believe that the risk of drug flow infection is relatively high.

Negative pressure attracts the bleeding time after surgery longer than the medicinal flow.

Number 6 success rate comparison

By comparison, these two methods allow the probability of successful excretion of pregnancy tissue (embryo sac).

Some domestic scholars compared 60 patients with abortion, and found that the success rate of artificial abortion was 100%, and the success rate of drug abortion was only 84.3%(although, although medical textbooks were written by more than 90%of the success rate).However, the number of clinical samples is small, and a large amount of data is still required to verify the reliability of the results.

Theoretically, the drug flow is to promote uterine contraction and discharge the embryo sac after the drug is killed. There is no negative pressure suction surgery in the process, and the failure rate will increase accordingly.There is incomplete abortion after the drug flow, and the risk of clearing the palace again needs to be cleared again.

Of course, there is a risk of residue in the flow of people.However, because of the high control of surgical operations, it is lower than the residual probability of the drug flow.

Number 7 Pain Comparison

The painless abortion invention makes the abortion women no longer suffer the huge pain caused by the suction palace.

Studies abroad have found that painless flows are more inclined to flow again than those with painful flowers (really good scars to forget the pain).Except for perforation infections, there are only slight abdominal discomfort after surgery, and the pain index is 1 star.

On the third day of the drug flow, the uterine contraction will appear in order to discharge the embryo sac. The process will endure the pain of the uterine contraction. The duration varies. Most of them are 1-2 hours, and the pain index is about 3 stars.

I have also asked some mothers after delivery. Compared with the pain of the drug, compared with the pain of the delivery, the contraction of this drug flow is not worth mentioning.

Number 8 postoperative uterine adhesion

Theoretically, the risk of endometrial damage is greater than that of intrauterine operations in the uterine cavity. Therefore, many scholars believe that the risk of adhesion of the uterine cavity is also higher.

The latest domestic research conducted hysteroscopic examination of 328 patients who had had abortion (including abortion and drug flow) and found that the proportion of uterine abortion after the phenotoscope was more than artificial abortion, but unfortunately P> 0.05 was not statistically significant.

The risk of uterine cavity adhesion after the flow of drugs and abortion also requires our further research.

Number 9 The proportion of abdominal adhesion after abortion

Researchers conducted laparoscopic examinations of patients after abortion (including abortion and drug flow). They found that patients with pelvic cavity were more prone to pelvic adhesion than patients with abortion.The most common manifestations are that some women have symptoms of chronic pelvic pain after abortion.

This may be related to the long vaginal bleeding time after the drug flow, and the bacteria are infected along the reproductive tract, causing factors such as pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Number 10 recent complications complications

The risk of bleeding, perforation, leakage, insufficiency, and infection of surgical bleeding, perforation, leakage, insufficiency, and infection of surgical surgery.

Generally speaking, surgery requires the operation of doctors above the attendance level. The probability of the above situation in Shanghai Three Hospital is very low.

The side effects of the drug flow mainly exist in gastrointestinal reactions after taking the medicine, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

In recent observations of complications, the risk of surgery flow is higher.

After comparison, everyone should have a certain understanding of people and drug flow.

But in fact, both drug flow and abortion have certain harm to the body, and there are risks such as long -term complications (such as infertility).

The best way is to take contraceptive measures when you are not prepared for children.If you have to do abortion, remember to go to a regular hospital for treatment.Combined with the comprehensive consideration of the gestational week, the size of the gestational sac, and the patients itself, it cannot simply understand the best or the best abortion.

Let your doctor give you the most professional advice to avoid dangerous measures as the little girl described at the beginning of this article.Because only the solution that suits you is the best!

Here I also want to say that life is valuable. Thank you for every mother who insists on giving birth to us and raising us to grow up!IntersectionIntersectionPens

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