The durian bought at 145 yuan has no durian flavor?Stall owner: Don’t buy it if you can’t afford it

May 23rd

Guiyang’s Xiao Fan

A roadside stall near the Ark in the future

Buy a durian

After cutting a bite

But I found something wrong


Xiao Fan: After opening it, I said that you durian looked a bit water. I said I can taste one?He said that there was no problem, I took a bite, but there was no durian flavor.

Reporter: What is sweet?

Xiao Fan: There is no sweetness or sweetness.No matter what, at least there is a durian flavor, sweet or sour, but it is the water flavor, so I can’t accept it.

Xiao Fan said that the total price of durian was 145 yuan.After the durian opened, the seller asked him to buy the entire durian. He was unwilling and said that he was only willing to buy the durian he had tasted, but was rejected by the seller.

Xiao Fan: I recognize this (durian).But you must be a bad product, so I do n’t want the rest. It is to protect my rights and interests. I think there is no problem.He disagreed, he said that it would definitely not work. If you cut it, you must buy them all. I said this is impossible. Isn’t this a strong buy and a strong sale?

At the scene, the reporter also found Master Ding who sold durian.Master Ding said that before buying durians, they only promised that customers could return the goods unconditionally in three cases of raw bags, dead bags, and bad fruits. As for the taste and sweetness, he could not guarantee.

And he sells Vietnam Ganyao durian, not Thailand’s golden pillow durian. In terms of quality and price, there is a gap between the two.

Master Ding: This durian is like a blind box. Can I know?If I can know what it looks like, then I will not sell durian here, and I will go to be an expert.If I think my durian has a quality problem, you can get the quality inspection department to check the quality inspection. I will bear it if there is a problem. Now please pay me durian money. Do not affect my business.

Xiao Fan told reporters that he usually likes to eat durian. There is a gap between the quality of durian in different places. He has expectations in his heart, but now this quality really makes him never expect.

What makes Xiao Fan most angry is that what Master Ding said made him look down on people.

Xiao Fan: He said, don’t buy it if you can’t afford it, don’t think of buying the quality of the fruit shop at a low price.I was very angry at the time, and I said that I had never bought the ground to spread the goods. I bought this for the first time.

Xiao Fan said that he did not deliberately find faults. In his opinion, doing business should be honest. A group of goods occasionally had one or two flaws. Merchants should do well after sales instead of asking consumers to pay.

In the face of this situation, the reporter also coordinated at the scene.

Reporter: You see, I really touch this durian now is relatively hard, and then I have to get close to smell the durian flavor. This is the kind of durian that we usually buy.There are some gaps, let’s make a step.

Subsequently, under the persuasion of the surrounding merchants, Xiao Fan and Master Ding left the scene, and Master Ding did not let Xiaofan pay for durian money.

Reporter: Deng Xin Bao

Source: people follow

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