The embarrassing changes during pregnancy always want to urinate?Most cases are normal

During pregnancy, expectant mothers have to face great changes in physiology and psychology, and there are still many embarrassing in these changes, such as frequent urination, so many mothers are a little uncomfortable at this stage.Ms. Xia, a pregnant woman, has experienced this change. She was originally a lazy person.But after pregnancy, she found that she was difficult to urinate, and the number of frequent urinations increased.No matter where Ms. Xia is going, whether she goes to work or goes to the mall, the first thing she wants to do is to find a good bathroom, so as not to find the bathroom when she wants to urinate.And she was reluctant to go out of the door, and was most worried about walking on the highway to urinate.

There are actually many pregnant women like Ms. Xia. Another pregnant woman said that she was also ridiculed by her colleagues because of frequent urination. At that time, she was not in the office, and the leader was looking for her.On the way to the bathroom.The great changes that everyone feels after pregnancy is the increased frequency of urination. On the one hand, the appearance of this change is because of the increased blood volume of pregnant women and the increase in metabolism.The uterus gradually increased and compressed to the bladder, so it was easier for pregnant women to feel urine.

Although frequent urination causes a lot of trouble, pregnant women should never hold urine, because urination may cause urinary tract infection.In addition, there are many things that you need to pay attention to during pregnancy frequency during pregnancy. For example, do n’t drink water because you do n’t want to go to urinating. The daily drinking water should still be normal, and you can drink less water before going to bed.If you want to reduce the symptoms of frequent urination, you can also eat less diuretic foods, such as winter melon, watermelon, red beans, and so on.In addition, pregnant women can exercise the pelvic floor muscles, which can train the urine storage ability of the bladder, and they can do this every day.

In addition, if there are symptoms such as urgency and pain in urination, pregnant women should immediately go to the hospital for examination, which may be due to urinary tract infection.In this case, pregnant women must enter the hospital as soon as possible for treatment.Of course, you can also prevent urinary tract infections. First of all, do not hold urine. Urine is actually a good cleaner. You can rinse the urethra and bladder.Then it is to pay attention to hygiene. Most women have the habit of wipe the perineum with toilet paper after urination. This can avoid the perineum in a humid state and cause infection.The last is to do a good job of cleaning. During this special period of pregnancy, pregnant women are also required to maintain good living habits. It is recommended that you use clean warm water to clean the perineum every day, and change your underwear to avoid infection.

Frequent urination is indeed embarrassing. At that time, as long as everyone persisted in "unloading", this symptom would disappear.Therefore, pregnant women should not be too worried. Even if they are troubled by frequent urination, do not reduce drinking water, and they must be a hygienic habit without urinating and maintaining good hygiene.If you only have the discomfort of frequent urination, you don’t need to worry about it, but if you are accompanied by discomfort such as dysuria and urgency, pregnant women should also be vigilant and go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

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