The epidemic prevention policy is relaxed ~ What should pregnant mothers pay attention to?

With the relaxation of epidemic prevention policies, coupled with many countries also relax the entry regulations, the suitcases that have been sealed for nearly 3 years can finally be moved out!Recently, many obstetrics and gynecologists shared that many pregnant moms wanted to keep up with this wave of popularity. Before the baby was born, he grasped time to go abroad to play.But pregnant women are still high -risk groups. What do you need to pay special attention?

Considering the own status of pregnant women, it is usually recommended to be more suitable for going abroad (about 3 to 6 months during pregnancy). Because the early fetus is not stable, it is worried that there will be the risk of bleeding.For example, pain, uterine contraction, etc., pregnant women in the middle of pregnancy are more flexible, and the condition of maternal and infants is mostly stable. It is better to choose to go abroad at this stage.

In addition, the situation of the epidemic in various countries is still not stable. It is recommended that pregnant moms vaccine should be full as much as possible to improve the protection of the body. After all, foreign travel is still risk of infection. Indeed, vaccination is the most insurance approach.

Pregnant mommy’s flight time is as short as one hour, and the maximum may be more than 10 hours. Even if you travel in the appropriate week, you will inevitably encounter some discomfort during the flight.Pay attention to the condition of your own and fetus to ensure safety:

1. Changes in air pressure: When the aircraft is taking off and landing, many people will have symptoms such as tinnitus and dizziness. In addition, during pregnancy, the heart burden of pregnant women becomes larger.EssenceIt is recommended that pregnant moms tie the seat belt well, which can lower the seat belt a bit, which is about below the pregnant belly, which will not have a sense of oppression.

2. Economic class syndrome: The lower limb cycle of pregnant women itself is relatively weak. If you sit in the cabin for a long time, the "economic class syndrome" is prone to occur, that is, feet edema, pain, etc.The more loose clothing, even if the number of toilets is frequent, do not urinate.

When we go abroad, life is unfamiliar to avoid sudden conditions. Before going abroad, pregnant moms need to discuss with obstetrics and gynecologists and prepare some standing medicines, such as cold medicine, anti -doctrine, constipation, vomiting, headache, and headache andThe fetal medicine, etc., are prepared from time to time.

In addition, if pregnant moms belonging to a special situation, including pregnancy hypertension, pregnancy toxia, gestational diabetes, premature birth, prenatal bleeding, and even pre -placenta, etc.It is a better choice to not go abroad.

Go out happily, go home safely!During the journey, pregnant moms still have to abide by the basic epidemic prevention work. When entering a lot of public places, we wear masks and wash their hands to maintain a good social distance, reduce caffeine intake, and do not eat raw or canned food. Once you feel it feels like itIf you are unwell, don’t force yourself, the health of mothers and infants is the most important thing!

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