The ex -girlfriend was pregnant!Is it difficult to do this?

Friends, follow me to taste the dog blood incident in the Thai entertainment industry today.

The protagonist is the following two. The man is called Captain. Everyone is used to calling him "Captain", and now he is a popular traffic niche in Thailand.The woman is called MINK, which is said to be the staff of the airport and the captain’s ex -girlfriend.

It is common for the entertainment industry to separate, but after Mink and the captain broke up, they found that they were pregnant … I was pregnant … I was pregnant!IntersectionIntersection

The woman is pregnant after breaking up, and Thailand does not allow girls to abandon, and this problem becomes tricky.

Mink’s first reaction was to discuss the captain, but she did not expect that the captain was missing.Mink, who couldn’t find a person, said at today’s press conference that he was very angry and wronged at the time.

At that time, it was rumored that the man’s mobile phone was confiscated by his mother. On the Internet, there were news that the man’s mother asked the woman to kill the children because their family had genetic diseases and was not good for their children.

The woman was even more angry after getting such a reply, and directly exposed their intimate photos before the two.

It was also exposed to the captain’s photo of the chain of the trousers.

So the incident is getting bigger and bigger, and it is the gossip news of the popular traffic. The reporters rushed to report the matter.

Captain’s ex -girlfriend Mink is also fearless. After exposing intimate photos, she also accepted several media interviews, which became the leader of this incident.

Seeing that this matter could not be collected, there was no way to make a press conference clearly.

In fact, this press conference is also embarrassing. The man, his parents, women, and his mother are present.

The man smiled from time to time.

The woman was crying when she came up.

The man’s mother has not laughed from beginning to end, holding her son’s expression without expression.

The mother’s mother looked more like a listener, and she didn’t say a few words in the audience.

At the beginning of the reporter’s meeting, the captain acknowledged that he had had a relationship with MINK. Now he has broken up, but he is still a friend.

He was surprised for Mink’s pregnancy.I never thought that such a thing would happen because of the protection measures.

The current idea is to be responsible for the child, not allowed the results (children) that he caught, and then to withstand risks.

Compared to the captain, Mink did not say too much, but there are many details that need to discuss with the family of both sides.It feels that the meaning of this sentence is that the two sides have no unified attitude about the child’s problem.

We have written that Thai journalists have been very strong before. The questions they asked about the artists did not want to answer, and this time is no exception.

The reporter directly asked the captain, is the so -called "responsibility" be given for maintenance or marriage?

The captain did not answer the question of reporters positively, but said that he was very worried about the child now.

The reporter was unwilling without answering.Continue to ask the captain: Is it possible to compound or organize a new family?

The captain still did not answer positively, insisting that he would currently put his energy on the child.

Thai reporters are not suspected of being lively. They can’t ask more valuable questions, and turn their goals to Mink.

The reporter hopes to get Mink’s current idea and ask her very cruelly: what he thought after hearing the captain after he was responsible for the child.

Mink only said: as he.

I feel that Mink’s attitude is not as tough as before, especially when the reporter asked Mink what the man needed to do.

Mink said "Nothing"!

The attitude of the woman’s mother is even more elusive. Regarding this tricky issue, she does not seem to want to intervene at all.

Is this the attitude that the woman should have?

It can be said that the attitude of the woman and her mother is completely contrary to the attitude of the man’s family.

Let’s take a look at the attitude of the man’s mother, which is very tough.

Judging from the men’s mother’s speech, they can be responsible for the child, provided that they have to check.It can be seen that the man’s suspicion of this child is still very large.

Thai reporters are not vegetarian, asking this question directly.

The man’s mother did not hide her "suspicion" and said, "Now put the focus on the true identity of the fetus!"

In other words, even if a press conference was held, the man’s attitude towards the child was not sure.This makes the woman very embarrassed …

At this time, the man’s father inserted another mouth and said that the current tests are currently taking the procedure, and they cannot determine the test results.

The captain once said at a press conference for a long time. From his words, we can see that fans care about this matter, because the exposure of this incident has caused fans to dissatisfaction with the company, dissatisfaction with the woman,Dissatisfaction with his own parents.

But to this step, we can only say that a slap can not be shot.In this incident, the man has a problem with the practice, and the method of the woman is not rational enough.

This reminds us of a similar problem that Thailand’s traffic niche Mike also encountered similar problems four years ago.

Like the captain, Mike is both an ex -girlfriend.

However, Mike’s approach is more emotional. At the press conference, he was prepared to be a father. At first glance, he intuitively determined that he was his own child and would always take care of his mother and child.

He didn’t say anything about this sentence, and it turned out that he had been with the child.

It can only be said that the practice determines the result.

Whether it is the captain or the captain’s family, it is suspected of escaping at first.The reason is well understood, because the good future has just begun.

Unexpectedly, this incident was intensified. Now the captain’s phrase "don’t want to expect the future too much", it is slightly helpless.

Mike was exposed to her ex -girlfriend’s pregnancy, and it also had a significant impact on him. It was certain that the acting career was frustrated.

But he can face it more often, maybe it is a "life -saving straw".

Everyone says that this happens, how to deal with it is really important!Captain and Mike are two very different examples, isn’t it?

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