The fallopian tube obstructive infertility, the abortion and the flow of drugs once, using the traditional Chinese medicine meridian recipe to be pregnant after March

About one -third of women’s infertility in tubal diseases is one of the most common causes.Female fallopian tubes are not general, generally there is no typical symptoms, and the most common manifestation is infertility. The fallopian tube has an important role in transporting sperm, intake of eggs, and transportation of fertilized eggs to uterine cavity.Pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy, if it is a fallopian tube obstruction caused by pelvic inflammation, it can be accompanied by lower abdomen pain, low back pain, increased secretions, and sexual intercourse pain.

Although traditional Chinese medicine does not have the names of failure to obstruct the tubal tube, referring to the pathological manifestations of western medicine to the pathological manifestations of fallopian tube obstruction and the diagnosis of clinical symptoms and signs, it is very similar to the "congestion syndrome" in Chinese medicine.””” Chinese Medicine “” Gynecology”

Prescription medication:

Choose Siji San plus flavors.The fallopian tube is located in the abdomen, which is passed by the liver meridian, and patients with infertility do not show their mood depression and unwillingness because they are not conceived for a long time.At the point.Fangzhong Chaihu, Xishi Shishi relieves depression, adjust the gas machine, and stretch stasis; Chi Zhi enters the liver meridian, good for taking blood, and the ability to promote blood circulation and dispel stasis;, Yangming’s two menstrual dirty blood, swelling and poisoning. "The Danshen, which increases blood and blood and blood, not only helps the red blood circulation blood circulation and dispel blood stasis, but also prevents the blood and the blood is too much to hurt the blood and remove the stasis.The pills are used to enter the blood vein disease, and it can also help the drug dispersal stasis, and the closure of the pulse of the pulse;The whole compatibility is reasonable, there are attacks and supplements, there are scattered and common, and the combination of whole body adjustment and local treatment. The combination of treatment and good after the good is targeted, targeted, and therefore have obvious curative effect.””


Wu, female, married, 31 years old.First diagnosis: August 1, 2005.

Prosecution: 4 years after the drug flow, no contraception or not 1 year of pregnancy.Patients got married in 2000, the couple lived together, and their sexual life was normal. After marriage, she was pregnant twice, the abortion was once, the drug flow was once, and the last drug flow was 2001.The postoperative recovery is good and has no discomfort.In the past a year, he has not been contraceptive nor pregnant.The spouse does not conduct routine semen.The patient’s self -test basis body temperature is not typical. In August of this year, the diameter of the uterine fallopian tubal fluid showed that bilateral fallopian tubes were not connected.Normally, patients are uncomfortable.The tongue is dull, the moss is thin and white, and the pulse is thin.The 13 -year -old tide of menstruation, the law of the cycle, 3/26 ~ 30 days, the amount is small, the color is dark, no blood clots, no dysmenorrhea.Last menstruation: July 22, 2005.Get married at the age of 28 and spouse health.Normal sexual life, deny the history of sex.2 for pregnancy, 1 medicine flow, once abortion.

Patients have a drug flow and abortion each time, and the injuries are rushed to the cell veins, causing the kidney qi to weakly, and the lack of qi and blood running for a long time.The blood stasis is blocked by the cellular linked, which causes the cell vein to be closed.After the kidneys, the kidney deficiency, the lack of blood, so the amount of menstruation is small.Throughout the tongue, the disease is mixed with reality.

Diagnosis: ① Broken Xu (secondary infertility-bilateral fallopian tubes are not connected); ② less monthly.

Syndrome: qi stagnation and blood stasis, both kidney deficiency.

Governance: qi and activating blood, removing blood stasis, and nourishing kidney qi.

Prescription: Bupleurum 10g, 15g of 柴 处, 15g of red peony, 10g of licorice, 10g of roads, 10g of pangolins, Salva 30g, leech 10g, Cantonese 10g, 37 powder 3g (divide), raw astragalus 30g, 蜈 5strip.Decoction, 1 dose daily.

At the same time, it is supplemented with comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine enema, hot compresses, ion import, and Salviac Sands.

Re -consultation: After taking the above, the patient has no discomfort, which is not more effective. Continue to treat the 3 -month cycle for the above plan. The patient in November of the same year was photographed by the fallopian tube iodine oil.

Follow -up: In December 2005, the diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy, the fetus developed normally.

[According to words] The patient is an obstructive infertility of the fallopian tube. The syndrome differentiation belongs to the stasis stasis, the cell vein is closed, and the blood stasis is treated with blood stasis.The main recipes are based on the four inversion and flavors of the flavors.With strong kidney tablets tonic.After the blood circulation, after the treatment of kidney qi, the beneficiary stasis to remove the traffic, the kidney qi is full, and the rush is tuned.

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