The fastest way to lose weight after pregnancy

During pregnancy, women’s weight increased by 25 to 35 pounds.Every woman is different, but there is a overall idea about women’s weight gain: here:

Baby: 7.5 pounds

Placent: 1.5 pounds

Uterus: 2 pounds

Ramshui: 2 pounds

Breast tissue: 2 pounds

Blood: 4 pounds

Mother fat storage volume: 7 pounds

You may not need to reduce weight as you think.The good news is that you will lose about 13 pounds after your life.This is the total weight of baby, placenta and amniotic fluid.In the next week after childbirth, you will reduce some weight due to excretion of excess liquid.However, the fat you stored during pregnancy will not disappear by yourself.Here are six secrets of weight loss after pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is good for you and your baby.At least the first three months of the first three months of pure breast -feeding babies, the average weight decreased by three pounds after childbirth.Although the effect is not significant, women with pure breastfeeding are more likely to return to their weight before pregnancy.

Just add more fibers to the postpartum diet to help you lose weight, even if you do not change anything else.Harvard researchers have found that 30 people who eat 30 restrained fiber without changing their diet are almost as many people who strictly abide by the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association.

High -fiber grains, such as fiber No. 1, oatmeal, barley, brown rice, whole wheat bread, broccoli and ball buds, etc.

Eating ultra -processed food is related to the increase in calorie intake and weight gain.Super processed foods contain hydrogenated oil, high -fruit sugar corn syrup, flavoring agent and emulsifier.They usually contain high calories, fat, sugar and salt.

In the diet, these people with high processing foods have an average of 500 calories per day than those with the least consumed processing food.Super processed foods include the following foods: frozen food, soft drinks, hot dogs, cold disks, fast food, packaging biscuits, cakes, salty snacks

When you take care of your newborns every two hours, you seem to be unlikely to get enough sleep.Unfortunately, if you do not get enough sleep after your baby is born, you are more likely to reduce your baby’s weight.

Successive sleep will also help you better adapt to your mother’s identity.Here are some strategies to help you get more sleep time when you have a new baby at home: ask your family and friends to help.Many people may like to take care of your baby when you are nap.Put your baby’s crib on the bed, so that it is easier to take care of them at night.Avoid caffeine because it interferes with your sleep.Let your partner share the responsibility of night babies.Milk may be helpful, so you can sleep while feeding at 2:00 in the morning.Skip the housework and make a cricket.Sleep as much as possible when your baby sleeps.Power up with protein

Eating protein -rich foods can suppress appetite and help you reduce calorie consumption.The protein makes you feel more full, so you are unlikely to be full.It can also help you burn calories.Compared with other nutrients, your body has more calories.

Your goal should be protein with a slightly higher weight in the United States.However, it is important to consume protein in healthy foods.The protein of a cup of lentils is almost as many as 4 ounce ham steaks, but it does not contain saturated fat and sodium and more fibers.The source of healthy protein includes: lentils, beans, peas, peas, precipieles, wild rice, millet, almonds, cashews, walnuts

In addition to weight loss, there are many benefits of exercise.Although exercise alone is not very effective for weight loss, combining exercise and healthy diet is more effective than a healthy diet alone.Discuss with your doctor to start exercise the best time.Once you are allowed to exercise, the goal is to perform medium -intensity exercises for 30 minutes per week.If you can’t exercise for 30 minutes at a time, you can divide it into a smaller part in the day.

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