The female body has 3 "signals" indicating that when ovulation, I get pregnant when they touch. Don’t miss it if you want the second child.

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With the opening of the government’s opening up, many families have joined the second child’s pregnancy preparation plan.And when I am pregnant, I do n’t want to be pregnant immediately. Many families have paid a great price and effort for pregnancy. They also have their own opinions on the second child’s preparation for pregnancy.

@: Recently discussed with her husband to resign, and then prepared to spare birth at home with peace of mind. The age like me is considered an elderly mother, and I need to step up the pace.

@贝: Now, while Dabao’s kindergarten is more relaxed, it is a good time to give birth to a second child. I have to prepare for pregnancy.

@: When you think of pregnancy, many things should pay attention to many things and feel a little bit painful, and they are anxious to want to get pregnant quickly. Do you need to grasp the time? What signals are "reminders"?

In fact, women’s pregnancy also has a "golden period" when she is pregnant. As long as the fallopian tube of the female body is ovulation, she is the best golden period for her pregnancy, and the female body will send a signal when ovulation.See, what kind of signal will female body send out when ovulation.

1. Women have the phenomenon of drawing brushes.

When women’s bodies are ovulation, women who want to prepare for pregnancy may wish to pay more attention to some small signals sent by their bodies, and when women’s bodies are ovulation, general women’s private parts will have a phenomenon of leucorrhea. This situation is tellingYou, your body’s fallopian tube is ovulation, but it is not a "leucorrhea abnormal". If you want to take the second child smoothly, you must take advantage of this opportunity to grasp it.

2. Mild abdomen pain.

When women’s bodies are ovulation, women’s private parts will not only have leucorrhea roses, but also accompanied by the pain of minor abdomen. This pain is not obvious, but it is very mild.But as long as women pay attention, they will pay attention.At this time, it is also a period of ovulation in women, and it is also the best time for women to get pregnant as soon as they touch.

3. The body temperature rises a little.

During the ovulation period, women’s bodies will not only have leucorrhea brushes and slight pain in the lower abdomen, but her body temperature will also be higher than her usual body temperature.This is not a phenomenon of fever. For example, our normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees to 37 degrees, and women’s bodies are about 37.2 degrees during ovulation. Women should combine other situations of the body and then judge.

1. The husband and wife adjust the body.

Pregnancy also requires the best physical condition of the husband and wife to be pregnant faster.Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital to check the body. If it is not suitable for pregnancy, you can regulate the body with the advice of the doctor and regulate the body to increase the chance of pregnancy.

2. Select the same room during ovulation.

In fact, pregnancy is actually the sperm of Dad and the mother’s eggs successfully, and then they will be successful.And women have an ovulation period, I believe everyone already knows.If you want to succeed in pregnancy, as long as the women’s ovulation is in the same room, it will greatly increase the chance of pregnancy.

3. Pay more attention to the "signal" issued by the body.

Women who are preparing for the second child, if you want to increase the chance of pregnancy and get pregnant smoothly, you must pay attention to the signal sent by the body when ovulation.It is about one or two degrees higher than usual. This is the signal sent by women’s body when ovulation. As long as the same room in this period, it will definitely increase the chance of pregnancy.

In summary, more and more families now join the team preparing for pregnancy. Women should not be blindly prepared. They must be planned and prepared. During the pregnancy, you may wish to pay more attention to the small signal sent by the body and wish you a pregnancy for pregnancy.Women succeed in pregnancy.

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