The fetus was determined at the moment of fertilization, or did it decide later?The doctor revealed the truth

"Your belly looks so round, it must be a girl."

"Your belly is so sharp! Eight or nine will not leave the ten -born boy."

"You love to eat so spicy, maybe you have a daughter? Sour and spicy girl, you will have a son who eats more sour."

"Drink this recipe, the chance of having a boy will increase."

I believe that after pregnancy, after pregnancy, I hear the most people around them. They seem to be more clear about the gender of the child in the belly than the pregnant woman themselves.Although it is said that the country is now implementing the concept of "equal equality between men and women", there are still some phenomena that emphasize men and women, and even do ridiculous things at the expense of having a boy.

The doctor had seen such a news earlier: A mother -in -law could hold the fat grandson in order to hold the big grandson, and did not know where to make the presidency of the student boy, let her daughter -in -law drink, and the daughter -in -law forced to the elders.The majesty could only drink it. As a result, the abdominal pain occurred shortly after drinking.

Many people may think that such bridges will only appear in TV series. In fact, what you don’t know is that similar events will also be staged in real life.Although according to the progress of society today, people’s thoughts are no longer so backward and feudal, but it is inevitable that some elders at home are deeply influenced by the old society.feudal.Especially in the overwhelming matter.

In fact, they do not make a little sense at all. Boys and women are not artificially controlled. After reading this article, they may suddenly realize.To know the reason, start with the formation of fertilized eggs.

The fertilized egg is the combination of sperm and eggs, and the process of sperm and eggs forming fertilized eggs is called fertilization.It sounds simple. In fact, for sperm, if you want to get the "favor" of the egg in the end, it is not easy. This almost uses all your "luck" …

First of all, the sperm comes from men, and the eggs come from women. Usually the ovary around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle will release eggs. This is also called ovulation day.Rate.Then the eggs will enter the fallopian tube and wait for the sperm.Since the release of the eggs, its survival time is only 2 to 3 days, and within 24 hours after ovulation, the fertilization ability is the strongest at this time.

If both men and women are in the same room during this period, driven by the physiological role, men will naturally produce ejaculation. Semen will enter the uterus along the female vagina.The sperm in the uterus is not waiting, they are waiting for a chance.That is to run towards the egg.

However, this is not over. On the contrary, this is just the beginning. The process of fertilization is not so simple. When the sperm is released, they will rush to the eggs.Part of) complete fertilization.

This seemingly short distance is difficult for sperm. They will encounter a variety of levels, such as some sperm will be decomposed by mucus secreted by the uterus and lose their activity.The middle road collapsed.

In short, this "life competition" is the survival of the fittest, and usually only one sperm will combine with the egg to form fertilized eggs.When the sperm eggs are combined, a related chemical reaction will generate an enzyme, which will prevent other sperm from combining with eggs.

If you say it, you may not believe it. Every time you enter the same room, there will be a lot of sperm in women. Taking normal men as an example, in the sperm ejaculated, every 1ml will contain about 20 million to 100 million sperm.The total amount of ejaculation semen is about 3 ~ 6ml each time, so the number of sperm in each ejaculation semen can remain about 100 million to 300 million.

So, seeing this is curious, where did the sperm without fertilization finally gone?Isn’t such a huge "group"?In fact, sperm is a very small cell, which cannot be seen at all, and the amount of ejaculation per man is only about 3 ~ 6ml each time. Generally speaking, women basically have no special feeling.

Because the life of the sperm is limited, it is only about 72 hours. Generally, after entering the woman’s body, if there is no combination with egg cells within 3 days, these sperm will be automatically lost.EssenceAnd those who have not fertilized sperm have been "corroded" by the acidic environment in the vagina when they are competitive.

Therefore, the birth of human beings is a magnificent project. Everyone is great. At the moment when each of us was born, the winner was the moment when the fertilized egg was formed.people.

After talking about the origin of the fertilized eggs, I will talk about the gender problem of the fetus. This is also what many people care about. What is it determined?

Although the gender of the fetus, although today’s society has always advocated the concept of "giving birth to boys and women", most people are curious about the sex of the baby in the stomach after pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers think that it has been decided from the moment of pregnancy. There are a small part of the pregnant mothers who think that the sex of the baby has been changing during pregnancy, and even some pregnant mothers think that the gender of the fetus can be changed through drug changes.wait.

But in fact, it is not what they think. To figure out where the decision right is, first of all, you need to understand the composition of the fetal chromosome.Under normal circumstances, the human body consists of 23 pairs (46) chromosomes. The first 22 pairs belong to ingot chromosomes, and the last pair (23rd pair) belongs to sex chromosomes. It is the key to determining gender.And all this chromosome comes from the father and mother, each accounting for half of its genetic genes.

Many people think that since the baby’s chromosomes come from both parents and each provide half of them, should the decisive factor of boys and women be half of their own?It is actually not.

In fact, at the moment of fertilization eggs, the gender of the fetus has been determined, and it cannot be changed.As mentioned earlier, the fetus developed by the combination of sperm from the father and the mother’s eggs. For his father, the sperm composition he provided in has two forms, namely X and Y, and the mother’s eggs carryWith only one chromosome, that is X.

If the chromosomes carried with the sperm that are finally binding to the egg are X, then the fetal chromosomal composition is XX, that is, a girl; if the chromosomes carrying are Y, the fetal chromosomal composition of the fetus is XY, which is a boy.

Therefore, the gender of the fetus is determined at the moment of fertilization, and the acquired factor cannot be changed.And the key to determining the gender of the fetus is the father, which is related to the chromosome category he provided by the sperm he provided.

Seeing this may be puzzled, why did it be checked as a girl in the early stages of pregnancy, and then after drinking the "remedy", a "turning" appeared, and finally gave birth to a boy?

In real life, there will be such a phenomenon, that is, some pregnant mothers have performed a fetal gender identification through B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy and found that it was a girl. After various methods, they finally gave birth to a boy.It is difficult for people to distinguish superstition and science for a while.

In fact, although the gender of the fetus is formed at the moment of fertilization, if you want to observe whether it is male or female through B -ultrasound, it usually takes 3 months of pregnancy to roughly see.Because the genital organs of the fetus will begin to take shape around 3 months of pregnancy, in the early pregnancy (3 months of pregnancy), it is difficult to see through the B -ultrasound, and it is easy to judge mistakes.

Therefore, the so -called "female turning men" does not exist.As for those so -called folk remedies, what kind of tire medicine is deceiving, and the baby girl cannot be converted into a baby boy at all.This approach has no scientific basis and hurts. If you eat things that are unknown during pregnancy, you are very dangerous for the fetus and the fetus in the belly.

Therefore, all men in front of the screen reminded that the boy and daughter were not decided by their daughter -in -law, and they had the right to decide. They must be kind to their daughter -in -law.

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