The fetus was launched, take a bath before going to the hospital?Don’t care about this kind of performance, take the doctor quickly

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By the third trimester, the mood of expectant mothers was a little embarrassed. On the one hand, she wanted to "unload" quickly, on the other hand, she was a little scared.

As soon as many Bao moms started, they hurried to the hospital, and turned home to wait.

There are also Bao moms that they can take a bath at home before going to the hospital for delivery. After all, it is troublesome to take a bath after the production. Even if you only wash your hair, it will be good.

So, can the fetus start, can you take a bath before going to the hospital for delivery?In fact, the answer to this question must be analyzed depending on the situation.

Pain, water break, and redness are three signs before childbirth. Different signs and risks are different. If you can take a bath before giving birth, it is determined by this.

1. Break water first

This symptom is the highest in emergencies.

At this time, we must not take a bath, otherwise the amniotic fluid will flow too much, and the fetus will be very dangerous, and there will even be hypoxia. Secondly, the uterus and the outside world are connected after the water break. Bathing may cause amniotic fluid infection and affect the health of fetal treasure.

Don’t care about this kind of performance, just seek medical treatment, you can’t wait any longer.How to judge whether it breaks water or urinary incontinence?

Some pregnant mothers are unclear. This is undoubtedly unclear. This is undoubtedly not good. Therefore, it is also important to understand this aspect in advance. There are mainly the following three judgments.

Flowing speed: When the baby is about to be born, it is difficult to control the water like flowing water, and even accompanied by some pain, and the leakage of urine is only intermittent.

Smell: The smell of amniotic fluid is relatively natural and even a bit sweet; the smell of urine is pungent and strong.

Check it with test strips: If you can’t confirm whether it is broken or leaking, you can have some test strips at home.

The inspection method is to put the test strip on the underwear and judge according to the color change.The pH value of the urine is 5.5-6.5, and the amniotic fluid is 7.0-7.5.

If it is a blue test paper, reddish is urine, and the color does not change. If it is a red test paper, turning blue is urine, and the color does not change the urine.

Once it is confirmed that it is broken, even if the mother has not reached the due date, the uterus fails to shrink, and she should go to the hospital immediately. There is a danger such as infection, placental peeling, and umbilical cord prolapse.Tips:

During the process of breaking the water, it is best for mothers to keep their hips with pillows or clothes.This can avoid excessive loss of amniotic fluid, affect the state of fetal treasure, and avoid hypoxia suffocation due to low amniotic fluid.

2. There is obvious contraction pain

This emergency is also relatively high, but how about it, it is still determined according to its actual situation.

If the interval between the contraction is long, the pain is not very obvious, and the contraction is not regular. The home is closer to the hospital, then the pregnant mothers can simply take a small bath.

If the contraction interval is relatively short, it is very regular, and the pain is obvious. Don’t take a bath. Hurry up to the hospital for delivery!Especially the mother who gave birth to a second child, the process of opening the uterine mouth is much faster than the first mother mother. Don’t blindly believe in the previous experience.

3. Seeing red

Its urgency is relatively milder among the three symptoms. Generally, it takes 12-24 hours to give birth after seeing red.

Therefore, after finding that there is a slight redness, the pregnant mother can take a bath, eat something, and then put on clean clothes to maintain a better mental state to go to the hospital.

The previous mention of the situation of pregnant mothers and fetuses is relatively good. If the following abnormalities or special circumstances occur, try not to take a bath.

1. The placenta position is abnormal. For example, the prenatal placenta: If you need to bed during pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital before childbirth. Do not take a bath.

2. Multiple fetal movements and restlessness: It may be the phenomenon of hypoxia in the fetal treasure.

3. Pregnant women have pregnancy complications: If there are blood sugar or high blood pressure, other complications, it is best to go directly to the hospital.

When the situation is not urgent, the pregnant mother has enough time to take a bath, but you also need to pay attention to the following points and act carefully.

1. Pay attention: It is best to take a shower before giving birth. It is not advocated to take a bath.

2. Pay attention to warmth: Bathing in the bathroom, if the temperature is not high, you can start the bath and improve. After washing, you must remember to dry it. Remember not to be cold.

3. Pay attention to the water temperature: The temperature of the bathing water in pregnant women is very particular. It should not be too cold nor too hot, otherwise it will stimulate the uterus and cause hypoxia in the fetus. It is generally recommended at 27-37 degrees.

4. Pay attention to action: The belly is relatively heavy before giving birth, and it is accompanied by contractions. Some pregnant mothers will be very nervous. At this time, it is easy to accidentally care.Therefore, it is best to have a family with your family when taking a bath to ensure safety and timely measures.

5. Pay attention to time: the shorter the bath time, the better, the longest does not pass 10 minutes. If there is a contraction or redness, the time should be shortened.

6. Pay attention to abnormalities: If you have chest tightness, breathlessness, or strong fetal movement, or breaking water, you should stop immediately.

Most of the pregnant mothers want to take a bath before giving birth. Most of them are afraid that they can’t wash them when confinement. In fact, don’t worry.After giving birth to the baby for 1-2 weeks, if the body recovers well, you can take a bath, pay attention to the temperature and other aspects.

Therefore, there is no need to take a shower before giving birth, but still take safety.

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