The first child girl, the second child finally got the male treasure, come to pick up the "good" pregnancy!Share my symptoms and experiences

The daughter of the first child has not been in kindergarten yet. In fact, we have not planned to have a second child for the time being, but I do n’t know how to win the prize so soon, but I know that we will always be unexpected, because we have never taken contraceptive measures.Choosing ejaculation in the body, so it was surprising that I became a pregnant woman.

In the early stages of pregnancy, I always felt nauseous, but I did n’t have pregnancy. I was particularly good. I remember that when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was very sick. I did n’t improve until the fourth month.I dare to eat it throughout my pregnancy, and I do n’t have any taboos. I want to eat everything. Crab, instant noodles, barbecue, milk tea, ice cream and the like, but they are not eaten every day, so I think it ’s okay.By the end of pregnancy, I became more able to eat. I can eat a large bowl of noodles to drink a glass of milk and then come with a bun, and then I am hungry in less than an hour.So I took a total of 35 pounds throughout pregnancy.Chinese food and dinner must eat two bowls of rice to drink a bowl of soup. In the later period, they often feel hungry in the middle of the night.

Let’s talk about my production experience. This year’s 10.30 is the due date of my baby’s birth, but after dinner on the 20th, I found that the amniotic fluid was broken.The elders were not back outside. At that time, only me and my eldest daughter at home. Fortunately, her daughter was asleep at the time, otherwise she would cry again.I immediately called my in -laws and asked them to come back.But my stomach is not very painful. I want to wait for the hospital to go to the hospital, so I will go to the hospital again, but my mother -in -law is not assured. I am afraid that I will give birth at home, so let me go to the hospitalwait.When I arrived at the hospital, I did various examinations. The doctor in the internal inspection said that my palace mouth had not seen it yet. Let me stay in the hospital first. The doctor asked me to choose a cesarean section.If you have to wait until the next day, you will have a caesarean section.Then I slept in the hospital and steadily sleeping for one night. The next day, the doctor helped me arrange a cesarean section surgery. My mother -in -law signed a lot of orders. My father -in -law helped me bring my eldest daughter at home, and my husband hurried from outside.Rushing back, fortunately, my husband arrived before I entered the operating room.On the morning of the 21st, my baby son came out, weighing 7.5 pounds. I think how pain would I be if I was going to give birth!

Now I finally have a pair of cute children. It is a complete. I wish you all the best of the children in the end and pick up my good pregnancy!

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