The first morning vomiting of pregnant mother is the original "thirst" signal of life

People and water are a long -lasting and interesting topic.

We often say "one side of the soil and soil, raising one person", the southern girl is petite and gentle, and the northern girl is tall and bold. Many times we use it to describe a strong native concept.

But this is not a simple human view.In the 1970s, modern scientists found that genetic genes and water have a close relationship. British scientists measured the distribution of more than 60 chemical elements in human blood, the distribution of water elements, and crustal elements.The amazing weight, which shows that the mineral elements in the water are closely related to the health of the human, which can even affect the genetic genes and life.This also explains the world’s Changshou Village to a certain extent, and often the mystery of the high -quality water source distribution.

Water is macro nutrients. No nutrients can participate in human functions like water.Each organs of the human body contain extremely rich water, 83%of water in blood and kidneys, 80%of the heart, 76%muscle, 75%of the brain, and 68%of the liver. Even the bones contain 22%of 22%Water.

At the same time, we know that life is composed of cells, and cells must be "soaked in water" to survive.The process of people is the process of losing moisture, and dryness is the main manifestation of aging.Young in the cells accounted for 42%, and the elderly accounted for only 33%. The subcutaneous tissue gradually shrinking, so wrinkles were produced.If the human body loses 15%-20%of the amount of water, the physiological function will stop and then die.

Therefore, if you want to improve the quality of life, understand the water of life, and improve the water quality of drinking water.The human water regulation mechanism at different lives is different, let’s take a look together!

The first stage is the stage of the fetus in the mother’s uterus. When the embryo cells develop in the uterus, they provide necessary water for the growth of fetal cells.——In early pregnancy, when the fetus is "thirsty", the mother will feel the morning vomiting.In other words, when the human body is still embryo, the thirsty signal has begun, and pregnant women often drink more water than ordinary people.

The second stage is the growth stage, that is, the height and weight reaching the stage of maturity, about 25 years old.Children before adulthood always shouted to drink water, because the child’s body is particularly sensitive to the lack of water. This is time to supplement the child to supplement the child in time.Sometimes this demand will be manifested in the desire for beverages. As a parent, you must refuse "ruthlessly". Any drink cannot replace a cup of high -quality good water.

The third stage is the stage from adult to death. When the human body gradually moves to aging, the ratio of intracellular and extracellular water content is reduced from 1: 1 to 0.8: 1, but the sensitivity of the human body’s sensitivity to water shortage is decreased.Many adults may not feel thirsty without drinking water for a day. This huge change often causes a vicious circle.The reduction of drinking water has led to a decrease in cell water content, which affects the vitality of the cells, and then reduces the sensitivity of thirst. The result will cause a series of symptoms caused by chronic dehydration.If you do n’t understand that these symptoms are an emergency signal from the human body dehydration, they will mistake them as other diseases, so as to take inappropriate treatment measures.

Life is like a piece of land, with good amount of water and good field.

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