The follicle maturity has not been ovulation. Is there you in the four reasons?

Preparation not only requires skills, but also a healthy body. If you do various techniques, you still can’t get pregnant in the end, then you need to find infertility caused by disease factors.factor.Many women’s follicles have matured, but they have not ovulated, which will affect conception. So what causes no ovulation?

Reason 1: Excessive pressure causes not ovulation without ovulation

The pressure of young people today is very stressful, especially during this epidemic, people are really not easy to survive, and women preparing for pregnancy will be even greater. Staying up late is common, but staying up late for a long time will disrupt the disruption of long time.The mound brain function is running normally, so that the gonad hormone is secreted too little, and the follicles cannot be ruptured, which will cause the eggs to not be discharged normally.So be sure to learn to relieve stress.

Reason two: The polycystic ovary causes no ovulation

It is a common gynecological disease. This disease will not only make women difficult to get pregnant, but also continue to destroy the image of a woman and make women even more ugly.The polycystic ovaries cannot be ruptured due to too many follicles in the ovaries, which affects the normal discharge of the follicles, so that they cannot get pregnant.So you need to take a doctor in time to hold the baby as soon as possible.

Reason three: Premature ovarian failure leads to ovulation without ovulation

We all know that the ovary is an important condition for women’s fertility. Once the ovaries are prematurely aging, the follicles cannot grow, and they cannot break, so that the eggs cannot be discharged smoothly, which will affect conception.So most doctors help getting pregnant by promoting ovulation.

Reason 4: Surgery causes no ovulation

It should be known that many gynecological diseases need surgery. If the surgical treatment is improperly treated or cleaned properly after surgery, it will cause the ovaries to be adhered to the ovaries and prevent the follicles from cracking, which causes the eggs to not be discharged.

The above is several common reasons for ovulation. If you also encounter this problem, you must seek medical treatment in time. Do not miss the best time. At the same time, you must learn to relieve stress, so that the speed of ovarian decline will be slower.

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