The four "smells" that need to be far away during pregnancy may be inappropriate for fetal development. Pregnant mothers must remember

Data show that about 75%of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have obvious pregnancy reactions, and about 50%of them will vomit, especially when the pregnant mother smells some dislike, it may increase the pregnancy reaction.

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After pregnancy, mothers may find that their sense of smell is like evolution. Many odors that have not been noticed before can be easily captured after pregnancy.

On weekdays, the smell of baking skewers and stalls can’t wait to covet, but after pregnancy, I smelled the same taste, but I just wanted to disgusting.

You need to stay away from four odors during pregnancy. They may directly or indirectly affect the baby’s development. Pregnant mothers must remember.

Xiaowei has been pregnant for more than three months. In early pregnancy, he always feels uncomfortable with his stomach and stomach. He has always been unhappy with appetite. He usually eats very little and is very picky.

Now that I finally entered the middle of pregnancy, Xiao Weiben thought that she could be delicious, but did not expect that everything was still old.

There are several stalls at the entrance of the community, which is very close to the window of Xiao Wei’s house. At the moment, the spring is relatively warm. As soon as Xiao Wei opens the window, he can smell the skewers’ oil fume, and immediately feels uncomfortable.

It is said that the second trimester is the most important period of ingestion of nutrition. Nowadays, Xiaowei has a poor appetite, always vomiting darkness, ca n’t eat anything at all, and weighs in place. The baby’s development is very unsatisfactory.

It is often under the discomfort during pregnancy, and it may be unfavorable to the baby’s development. Moms should not care.

First, this situation like Xiao Wei often smells the smell of discomfort, especially the smell of pregnancy reaction, affects normal diet and nutritional intake, and may indirectly delay the fetal development rhythm.Second, some odors are not good for pregnancy, such as formaldehyde smell, which may increase the risk of teratogenic, and need to pay more attention to avoid it.

In order to grow up, mothers should pay attention to stay away from four odors during pregnancy.

◆ Oil fume smell

The oil fume of the kitchen, the oil fume at the door, etc. This kind of smell may usually have no harm, and even arouse appetite, but for mothers during pregnancy, it has a completely opposite impact.

Under the influence of hormone changes after pregnancy, the sense of smell of pregnant mothers will become more sensitive. The greasy feeling brought by the smell of oil fume may trigger the pregnancy reaction, affect the normal eating of pregnant mothers, and delay the baby’s body development.

◆ Tobacco and alcohol smell

Unlike the previous, nicotine in cigarettes is not only a first -level carcinogen, but also an important teratogenic factor. Under the environment of second -hand cigarette during pregnancy, the probability of fetal teratogenic or respiratory damage may be increased.

◆ Fulfin smell

Formaldehyde is a colorless and tasteless gas. The so -called formaldehyde smell mainly refers to the smell of the home that just finished.

The current formaldehyde severely disaster -stricken areas are mainly newly renovated houses. Among them, a variety of wooden furniture stacking may contain a large number of formaldehyde, and it needs to be volatilized for 5-15 years.

◆ Perfume smell

In order to regulate the fragrance, musk may be added to the perfume; in order to speed up volatilization, most perfumes contain alcohol substances, such as alcohol.

It is best not to use perfume during pregnancy. Some fragrance body milk may also contain musk. Remember to take a look before using it.

The few odors mentioned above can be said to be very unpleasant, so what odors are better during pregnancy?

1. The taste of fresh air

Breathing more fresh air is good for pregnant mothers and babies. Opening the windows every morning and evening to ventilate for 10 ~ 15 minutes to replace the indoor air.

If you have a pregnant woman, if you want to move or decorate, it is recommended to install a fresh air system to turn on the air throughout the day. Although it may be slightly noisy, fresh air is more important.

2. The light sour taste of fruits

Fruits such as oranges, oranges, lemon, etc. have a touch of sweet and sour, and have a certain relief effect on the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. Moms can drink orange juice and lemonade appropriately, or put these fruit skin in front of the window to improve the indoor in the roomodor.

3. The taste of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 may have a relief effect on pregnancy reactions, but the effect varies from person to person. Moms can consult the doctor and choose to choose under the advice of the doctor.

▼ Note:

Some pregnant mothers have a very preferred smell of ginger, but their impact on pregnancy is not yet conclusive. Moms can occasionally smell it, but it is not recommended to eat more.

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