The girl accidentally fractured, did not listen to the doctor’s order forcibly conceive, and the twins cried after the birth of the twins: retribution

The uterus is a gift from God to women, so that she can use her body to bred a new life flowing with her blood.But not every woman can get pregnant and have children, some are the first, and some are due to the acquired factor. For example, if you have certain diseases, or if you have severe injuries, you may be affected. Even if the entire reproductive system isno problem.

There is a woman named Zhang Jiaojiao in Heilongjiang, which can be described as fate.She fell down in 2008 and hurt very seriously. The tail and ankles were crushed fractures. Fortunately, they could get rid of the wheelchair after treatment.However, before discharged, the doctor who treated her was told that the place she fell was a bit bad, and she would not be pregnant in the future, otherwise the consequences would be serious.

The doctor’s words made Zhang Jiaojiao very painful, because she had only been married for two years and had not had a child.Besides, what should her husband do even if she doesn’t want children herself?Is it true that you have to look at your beloved person?After several years of ideological struggle, she finally decided not to follow the doctor’s order, forcibly pregnant and had children, and she was pregnant with twins.When the family was happy for this, the tragedy was staged again. After the child was born, there was one directly tire. Although the other looked healthy, he was diagnosed with "acute lymph lymphoms in ten months.leukemia".

After the diagnosis, Zhang Jiaojiao cried, and it was a retribution that God gave her. It seems that she should not have a child.At this point, she remembered the doctor’s entrustment again, and she regretted nothing.However, things have happened, and Zhang Jiaojiao can only do his best to see the baby.

The tailbone injury has a great impact on pregnancy

Why did the doctor who gave her a doctor then told Zhang Jiaojiao not to get pregnant?In fact, it was because she just threw her tail.Not only is the ion closer here, but the portal of the output channel (that is, the vaginal opening) is closer, so the tailbone is injured and will have a very adverse effect on pregnancy and delivery.And Zhang Jiaojiao’s tail bone suffered a serious injury of crushing fracture. Although he healed after treatment, he could not fully restore his previous functions.In this case, once forcibly pregnancy, not only the fetal development is limited, but even Zhang Jiaojiao’s health and safety will face a major threat.

The death of death is also related to the injury that the pregnant mother has suffered

After forcibly pregnancy, the doctor’s warning did become a reality.The first is one of the twins, which may not be separated from the dry system with the injury that the pregnant mother had suffered, because the twins need a larger uterine capacity, which causes greater oppression to the tailbone, but the body’s body cannot stand it.The nutritional needs of the fetus cannot be met. The dead fetus is the disadvantage in nutritional competition.

As for the baby who was born normally, the reason was more complicated, but it was difficult to say that it completely excluded the impact of that matter.Therefore, Zhang Jiaojiao did not listen to the doctor’s order, and the consequences were extremely painful.I am afraid that such a pair of twins is not as good as never pregnant.

1. Old age

Women who are more than 40 are not recommended for pregnancy, because they will have huge risks when pregnancy, and the probability of abortion and premature birth of fetal abortion.In addition, the health of an older pregnant woman is not as good as young women, and the probability of babies suffer from congenital diseases.Therefore, for women who want children, they should try to complete the task of having children during the best birth period (22 ~ 30 years), and no matter later, they must not be pushed to the age of 40.

2. The uterus has been injured, or has been aborted many times

There is also a class of women who are pregnant with caution, that is, the uterus is injured or has been aborted many times.The impact of uterine injuries on pregnancy is directly, because this is the place where fetal development is growing.Regardless of whether the abortion is critical or not, it will cause certain damage to the uterus. Multiple abortion, and the damage will be more serious.Therefore, some girls often lose their fertility after abortion. In fact, even if some of them do not lose their fertility, the risk of pregnancy is already high. Usually, these people will be recommended by doctors not to get pregnant.

3. Disads

In one case, doctors also warn that they cannot get pregnant, that is, severe anemia.Although anemia does not sound a serious illness, it has a great impact on pregnancy.Because women with anemia are unable to meet their nutritional needs, how can they meet the needs of the fetus?Once you are forcibly pregnant, not only do the fetus develop well, but the mother’s health will become worse.

It is a pity that cannot be given a child, but children and their own health cannot be ignored.So I hope that women who are recommended by doctors to be pregnant must give up the thoughts of giving birth to children in person. I really want children and can adopt it. As long as you love your child with your heart, even if you have no blood relationship between you, you can still have it.High -quality parent -child relationship.

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