The girl had just finished abortion surgery, her boyfriend had a relationship with the relationship.

"I came from the first, I killed my boyfriend yesterday."

On the morning of July 22, 2018, a woman came to the local police station to surrender. After listening to her, the police was surprised.

The girl in front of her looks only in her early 20s. She is beautiful and petite. It doesn’t look like a criminal.

In addition to being surprised, the police immediately went to the scene to investigate and obtain evidence. As soon as they entered the rental house, they witnessed the tragic scene.

A bloody ax was found under the bed, and two bottles of pesticides were found in the room.The victim was lying on the bed naked, with fatal injuries on his neck, and blood stains on the sheets.

According to the women’s confession, her boyfriend was killed because of forcibly and had a relationship with her. But is it really so simple?

In 1997, Zhu Fengxia was born in Xiaoshan Village, Guizhou. Her parents are farmers. Her cultural level is not high, and she does not pay much attention to her children’s education.

After Zhu Fengxia dropped out of school, he helped his parents to do farm work at home, and never seen the world outside the mountain.

In July 2017, 20 -year -old Zhu Fengxia left his hometown for the first time, followed his fellow villagers to Xiamen, Fujian, and joined an electronic factory.

Although I haven’t seen any big world, Zhu Fengxia’s character is lively and cheerful, coupled with long beautiful, good figure, and sweet voice.So I soon made a lot of friends of the same age, including Yue Rui.

It was a KTV party. Zhu Fengxia often sang with colleagues and friends. The atmosphere made her immersed in it and made her feel that the life of a big city was so beautiful.

But half the day when she was playing, she suddenly had a pain in her stomach. When she saw it in the bathroom, it turned out that her aunt came.At that time, the temperature of the air conditioner in the private room was too low, and she also drank a few bottles of ice beer, which caused severe abdominal pain.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she asked her friends if she had a pharmacy nearby, and she was heard by Yue Rui.Seeing that Zhu Fengxia was sweating with pain, Yue Rui couldn’t help but care.

"What’s wrong with you?"

"Stomach hurts so much!"

"Wait, I go to buy medicine for you."

Afterwards, the two exchanged contact information and became friends.

For the first time, Zhu Fengxia was cared for by a boy of the same age, so he felt slightly in his heart.Yue Rui has also noticed that this beautiful and cute girl has naturally understood the opportunity.

Yue Rui is only 2 years older than Zhu Fengxia, and is not a native of Xiamen. He is a man from the middle of Sichuan Pakistan. He is also a high school cultural level.There are countless topics in this beautiful seaside city to talk about.

Once, the two gradually became familiar, and their feelings quickly heated up, and soon became a pair of lovers envied.

At first, the two people worked far apart. In order to see Zhu Fengxia often, Yue Rui resigned from the original job and came to work in the electronic factory where Zhu Fengxia was located.Since then, the two have been in public in the circle of friends and began a state of love.

At this time, something happened, and it became a turning point in Zhu Fengxia’s life.

In April 2018, Yue Rui decided to return to his hometown to open a business at his parents’ request.Yue Rui hoped that Zhu Fengxia could return to his hometown with him.

At this time, Zhu Fengxia’s heart was contradictory.On the one hand, she is inseparable from her dating boyfriend, and on the other hand, she is reluctant to leave the life and working environment that she has just been familiar with, and the circle of friends that she has worked hard.

So Zhu Fengxia tried to communicate with her boyfriend. The two had already worked hard to accumulate the work experience of some electronics factories in Xiamen and continued to work to get a stable life.Compared to another stove to do business, this is undoubtedly a more reliable choice.

Although Yue Rui realized that Zhu Fengxia did not want to leave Xiamen, he felt that it was difficult to succeed in Xiamen, a large city in Xiamen with their cultural level.When you return to your hometown to start a business, you can go to the help of your parents. There are also a relationship network accumulated by generations, which is easier to succeed.

Zhu Fengxia was in love for the first time and did not know how to resolve this contradiction, but soon defeated everything to her boyfriend’s love. She decided to give up her life in Xiamen and follow her boyfriend to Sichuan Pakistan.

In April 2018, Zhu Fengxia returned to Xiamen from her hometown after the year. As soon as she returned to the electronics factory, she went to personnel to go through the procedures for resignation, followed her boyfriend back to her hometown, and began a living life.

She was young and never thought about it. One day she would look back with her boyfriend.At this time, she just wanted to support her boyfriend and develop their careers.

However, the boss opened a shop and started a business as the boss.

The two opened their clothing stores. The situation of the customer at the imagination did not appear. Sometimes they could not sell a piece of clothes even a day. In the face of the pressure of life, Yue Rui began to be anxious.

Faced with the citrus and vinegar tea in life, the rent of the store and the residence, the heavy pressure, the two people couldn’t breathe.As a proposal for opening a business, Yue Rui himself did not have a good solution.

Therefore, he often went to some old classmates and friends to drink and complain at night. When he came back, he was often drunk.

Although Zhu Fengxia was dissatisfied with this, she chose to understand.However, her concession was intensified.

It was the second month when I returned to my hometown to start a business.As usual, Yue Rui was drunk, and he knocked on the door madly in the middle of the night.Zhu Fengxia didn’t actually fall asleep, she was waiting for him to come back.She got up quickly when she heard her voice and helped her boyfriend into the door.Who knows that as soon as he entered the door, Yue Rui fell to the ground and fell asleep.

In desperation, Zhu Fengxia could only support him to the bed. When she was close to her boyfriend’s body, she suddenly smelled a lady’s perfume. Almost a moment, her scalp was fried.

Looking at the sleepy man on the bed, Zhu Fengxia hesitated for a while.His mobile phone was pulled out of the man’s pocket, opened a social software and started to see it.

Sure enough, the content of the chat with a woman was very ambiguous.

At this moment Zhu Fengxia was not as angry as expected. The behavior of her boyfriend has consumed her feelings in the past few months. Perhaps breakup at this time is also a relief for her.

In the early morning of the next day, Zhu Fengxia opened his heart and broke up with her boyfriend. His boyfriend kept silent, and finally nodded silently, so Zhu Fengxia dropped everything in a city again.With heart pain, he embarked on a train returning to Guizhou, his hometown.

At this time, she did not expect that one day she would have to return to this sad place.

Zhu Fengxia returned to the place where he grew up. Under the care of his parents, he walked out of the sadness of love after a while.

Just as he was about to break from the past, when he started a new life again, she suddenly found that she was pregnant.The child’s father is undoubtedly the ex -boyfriend Yue Rui.

Zhu Fengxia naturally refused to give birth to this child, but during her business with her ex -boyfriend, she spent all her savings.She didn’t dare to tell her parents about this, so she could only find her ex -boyfriend to pay for a tire.

Originally, she thought that her ex -boyfriend would no longer take care of her after breaking up, but this time Yue Rui’s attitude was surprisingly good. Not only did she promise to pay, she also said that she could return to Sichuan Pakistan. During the period, she could take care of her.

Holding a trace of ex -boyfriend will look back, Zhu Fengxia came to Sichuan Pakistan again, but after all, it was difficult to break the mirror after all.Although Yue Rui took her to perform surgery, she was always indifferent, and she was judged as two people during her love.

After the operation, Zhu Fengxia lived back to the rental house and lay on the familiar bed.Her physical discomfort and mental depression made her feel suffering.And Yue Rui was drunk every day like before.

At this moment, she finally knew that they could never go back.

Originally Zhu Fengxia was going to return to her hometown when she was better.Farewell to this city and this man.At this time, something happened, and she embarked on a extreme way to return.

One night, Yue Rui was drunk as usual, looking at Zhu Fengxia lying on the bed, and suddenly beastly.Regardless of her miscarriage surgery, she had a relationship with Zhu Fengxia, and Zhu Fengxia was weak and could not resist at all.

The next day, Zhu Fengxia, who felt humiliated, secretly bought two bottles of pesticides.But she thought about it again and again, but eventually did not start.

After a few days, on July 21, 2018, more than ten o’clock in the evening, Yue Rui returned drunk again. After Zhu Fengxia picked up the person, Yue Rui forcibly had a relationship with him again.Afterwards, Yue Rui fell asleep deeply through the wine, while Zhu Fengxia sat next to him, and the grievances and anger in his heart rushed into his heart like a mountain tsunami.

Under impulse, she ran to the kitchen to take out a ax and cut it directly to Yue Rui’s neck.In the pain, Yue Rui woke up immediately.But at this time he was seriously injured and could not resist.Zhu Fengxia blindly covered his head with a pillow, causing his suffocation.

After Zhu Fengxia killed his ex -boyfriend, he immediately surrendered. The scene of the crime was very well preserved, and Zhu Fengxia himself confessed to criminal acts. There was no doubt during the trial process.

In the end, Zhu Fengxia was sentenced to death because of intentional injury to his life. He was sentenced to two years, and two years later changed to life imprisonment.

In court, she repented on Yue Rui’s family, but everything was irreversible.

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