The harm of obesity during pregnancy is extremely great. Women are pregnant and eat fat and destroy three generations

(Source · 39 Health Network) A friend I met by Nine Girls was particularly able to eat when she was pregnant. Because she was very easy to conceive, her mother -in -law also attached great importance to cooking her soup every day.Then she was 60 pounds of gorgeous fat ~ She also had gestational diabetes, and she tied her fingers every day to test blood every day.But the tragedy is that these meats have grown on her. The baby is only 5 pounds, which is too small.

Now the baby is four years old, she hasn’t lost weight yet.

Therefore, today’s topic is to talk about the control of the weight during pregnancy (unmarried girls are also highly recommended to learn in advance).

Many people feel that pregnancy is the best time for self -indulgence and can eat with confidence.

However, obesity during pregnancy is very harmful.

Not to mention increase the difficulty of your actions, as well as the risk of gestational diabetes, eclampsia, etc.It is not good for the baby.Many studies have shown that the mother’s weight is too heavy during pregnancy. When the baby born, the risk of diabetes and obesity will increase, and the risk of asthma will increase.

And the latest research shows: one fat destroys three generations!

The impact of your weight on future generations will continue until your grandson and grandson …

This is a recent research results published on the top international academic journal "Cell". Scientists at the St. Louis Medical College of Washington University in the United States use mice to experiment and use the diet structure (high -fat, high sugar) of simulated Western fast foodThe pregnancy mice finally found that the fat content of diet during pregnancy was too high, and the mice of the weight exceeded the standard. Their d forces and Sun Dai, and the grandson have obtained the problems of diabetic/sugar resistance and other metabolic syndrome.Children grandson diet is very healthy every day.

Scientists checked these little white rats and found that they all had abnormal mitochondria.Unhealthy diet and overweight during pregnancy will directly lead to mitochondrial genetic defects of the embryo, and cannot be repaired until the third generation.

What is mitochondria?

Mitochondrial is the "small furnace" in our cells. Its important function is energy conversion -that is, turning our body’s sugar, fat, and amino acids into energy into energy.In addition, mitochondria are also responsible for important physiological functions such as apoptosis.If mitochondrial genetic defects, the consequences are very serious.

The mitochondrial DNA (MTDNA) of the child is basically from egg cells, so MTDNA is a maternal inheritance and will mutate but does not occur DNA reorganization. Therefore, individuals with the same MTDNA sequence must be from a common female ancestor.If the mitochondrial DNA is injured, it will be directly inherited to the child.

Scientists say that although this is just an experiment with mice, the consequences will be more serious in real life, because the descendants of the mice will have a very healthy diet under the arrangement of scientists.In our lives, offspring often inherits the unhealthy lifestyle of mothers.

Do you have to eat weight loss meals during pregnancy?

Of course it is not it–

It’s just that there is really no need to eat and drink during pregnancy. Those who think that the baby needs to eat more, you really think too much!For singles, the early stages of pregnant women (1 to 3 months) does not need to increase calorie intake at all. The daily energy additional volume daily in the middle and late stages is 300 and 450 calories, respectively.(Data source: "Reference intake of dietary nutrients in Chinese residents (2013 version)")

300 card = a bowl of sharp rice

Of course, it is not recommended that you eat a large bowl of rice every day, but to increase protein intake in moderation. It is enough to add about 100g of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat and other protein foods a day.

For the prospective mother with normal weight: In the first three months of pregnancy, the standard weight increase was about 2 kilograms.It is normal to increase the weight of about 5kg in the middle of the pregnancy (4-6 months). By the time of pregnancy, it usually increases by about 1 kg per month.

If you are fat before you are pregnant–

Women who have a weight of 20%of the standard weight before pregnancy, if they do not decrease before pregnancy, should not exceed 300g per week in the middle of pregnancy.(Standard weight: height CM-105)

The weight gain of more than 500 grams per week during pregnancy, the phenomenon of obesity is usually caused by excessive fat intake.Excessive intake of fat and protein can make vitamins and minerals relatively insufficient, and gum bleeding, bone softening, anemia and other symptoms occur.In addition, obesity of pregnant women will also combine pregnancy hypertension syndrome, huge child, dystocia, etc.

Suggestion: Eat three meals, and each meal has meat, food, and staple food.Do not develop the habit of eating snacks and snacks.Don’t think that pregnancy is the indulgence period, snacks are eaten, and you are not afraid of gaining weight.When you want to eat snacks, you can choose some healthy foods such as milk, fruits, cheese.

Editor -in -chief: Jiang Jing

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