The harm of pregnant women staying up late, what are the ways to improve sleep quality?

What are the harms of staying up late during pregnancy? The words and deeds of mothers during pregnancy will have some impact on the fetus. Although the torture of the reaction during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have a relatively low sleep quality during pregnancy, but stay up late or sleep insufficient sleep.It will be very harmful to fetal development and need to be avoided.

The harm of staying up late for pregnant women to the fetus

Pregnant mother’s fetus is easy to blood deficiency

When the hepatobiliary hemorrhage is made from hepatobiliary hemorrhage, pregnancy itself is a very blood -consuming process, so if you stay up late, especially if you do not sleep during the hematopoietic period, it is easy to cause blood loss. Moms are often not too good to stay up late.

The baby born slowly

If this is long -term and the nutrition is not balanced enough, it may have an impact on the development of the fetus, and it will also affect the growth and development of the baby in the future.wait.Therefore, it is better to do the rules of expectant mothers. Specific mothers often have a great impact on the development of the fetus.

The baby who gave birth loves to cry

The fetus does not like staying up late. Specific mothers often stay up late to delay the due date and increase the physical and psychological burden of expectant mothers.It will also affect the child’s biological clock, which is not conducive to developing good sleep habits after birth.The children born to stay up late also have the characteristics of irritability, anxiety, anger, and crying.

Pregnant women staying up late are so serious to the fetus. So, how should expectant mothers improve sleep quality?

Method of pregnant women to improve sleep quality

Go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late.The lifestyle of the sunrise and sunset seems to be difficult to achieve for modern people, but expectant mothers still have to develop good sleep habits, get up early and get up early, do not stay up late to maintain abundant energy.

The emotions are peaceful and the spirit is relaxed before falling asleep.It is best to develop regular habits during pregnancy. Do not stay overnign, entertainment or excessive work. These situations can easily excite the mothers’ emotions or mental stress, and may even cause blood pressure to rise.Fetal development and expectant mothers have adverse effects.Especially within 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is in the critical period of the formation of the main organs. Specific mothers should pay attention to rest and maintain to avoid the upside -down biological clock, otherwise it will cause endocrine disorders, affect metabolism, and is not conducive to fetal development.

Wake up after getting up early, helping to sleep at night.After getting up in the morning, open the windows and ventilate, or walk in the community. Breathing fresh air is good for physical and mental health.If you feel tired during the day, then expectant mothers may wish to sleep comfortably in the afternoon.

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