The hospital performs abortion every day. How to deal with the "fetus" flowing out?The answer is sad

Those who have been to the door of the abortion surgery should have experience. Some young girls sitting at the door are lonely. Although some of them are accompanied by friends or boyfriends, they still give people a sense of desolation.

According to statistics, 13 million women undergoing abortion surgery per year in my country, of which more than half of young women under 25 years old.

Although the difficulty of abortion is not very difficult, it is obviously a "small witch to see the big witch" in the face of various tumor surgery, but the double damage it brings to women’s body and psychology cannot be ignored.

First of all, artificial abortion brings irreversible damage to women’s uterus and reproductive system.Vaginal hemorrhage, gynecological inflammation and other symptoms are prone to occur during surgery.

After multiple abortion, women’s risk of natural abortion and ectopic pregnancy will increase greatly, and it will even from infertility.

Secondly, psychological influence, artificial miscarriage surgery is very serious for women’s psychological trauma. Within more than 1,100 cases of the Gynecological Hospital of Nanjing Gynecology University, patients who have performed artificial abortion surgery in this hospital have filled the depression and anxiety measurement table for research objects.

It was found that abortion surgery would cause severe obstacles to women’s emotions, and it is generally existed. The main symptoms are anxiety, inferiority, pessimism, depression, low emotions, etc., in severe cases, they will even harm and commit suicide.

The "painless flow of people" and "fast flow" advertisements on the market are trying to propagate and popularize abortion surgery, making people mistakenly think that the flow of people will not cause harm to the body. The whole process is not painful at all.

In fact, most painless abortion is to perform systemic anesthesia for patients during the operation, so that patients can not feel the pain caused by the curettage.

Dr. Tang Yunhui, Affiliated to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that even if anesthesia was implemented, the harm of the flow of people to the body would not be reduced, and when the anesthesia passed, the patient still had to bear a clear pain.

1. Cervical injury is caused in artificial abortion, and habitual miscarriage and premature birth are prone to occur when you are pregnant again.

2. The endometrium and uterine muscle layer of the uterine and uterine muscles in artificial abortion causes dysfunction dysfunction after each pregnancy, which seriously affects the development of the fetus and prone to death and premature birth.

3. Abortion is likely to cause reproductive system infections, leading to inflammation of fallopian tube or infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

4. If the artificial abortion is pregnant, if you get pregnant again, due to the dysfunction of the placenta, bleeding after production is prone to production.

5. It is easy to cause major bleeding and cause severe anemia.

6. The abortion is crispy in the uterus. The doctor will tear in the doctors of the doctrine, or cause perforation during an artificial abortion surgery, or cause perforation.

7. Cause multiple interruptions of pregnancy, which causes a series of non -normal changes in physiology and psychology, such as abnormal menstruation, neurasthenia, and so on.

8. It is easy to cause uterine variable positions, endometriosis, and cause a series of diseases such as lower abdominal pain, falling, increased leucorrhea, and dysmenorrhea, and even infertility.

9. Due to the reproductive system infection and position changes, natural miscarriage, dead tires, fetal development, severe hemorrhage and other diseases are prone to occur during pregnancy.

10. The proportion of mentally handicapped children who are pregnant have increased significantly.

1. Different time.The scope of abortion surgery is relatively large. Pregnancy within 6-28 pregnancy can be done, but early abortion between 6-10 weeks of pregnancy, 10-14 weeks of clamp scraping, 14-28 weeks for induction of labor, for induction of labor, for 4-28 weeks.But it also belongs to the scope of miscarriage.Divine abortion is mainly aimed at intrauterine pregnancy within 49 days of pregnancy. It is more than 49 days. Due to the large development of the pregnancy sac, it is not recommended to do a drug and abortion, which may lead to major bleeding.

2. Artificial abortion requires an abortion instrument to enter the uterine cavity operation. It is a surgery and is prone to uterine perforation.Divine abortion does not enter the uterine cavity, which has a small impact on the uterus, but may occur in abortion, residues in the uterine cavity, and need to clear the palace again.

3. A contraception for 3-6 months after artificial discharge is required for 3-6 months, and the abortion of drug needs to be contraceptive for 1-3 months. It is due to the different degree of endometrial damage during abortion, and the required recovery time is different.

After we finished it, we have mentioned that the fetus for more than 49 days is that the pregnancy sac is relatively large, so we cannot have a drug abortion. Then we can only choose an artificial abortion. After artificial abortion, many people are more curious about where the fetus goes?

For the first three months of the fetus, including the fetal abortion and the fetal abortion out of the fetus, because the fetus has not developed into a "human form" at this time, it will be discarded as a medical garbage after flowing out of the mother.Processing.

If it is a fetus three months later, because bone surgery has developed, when the light contribution, the bone and tissue of the fetus are needed to use pliers to break the mother’s body and throw it out.Send to the crematorium for incineration.

The sexual concept of young people is relatively open, and pre -marital sex between couples is not unusual, but many teenagers have weak contraceptive consciousness.Most young people don’t know at all. To take contraceptive measures, the probability of accidental pregnancy will often occur. The harm of artificial abortion to women is very serious. Therefore, it is very important to take contraceptive measures. Don’t worry about Qingqing.

1. Pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition.

You also need to rest after abortion. Do not get out of bed within one or two days after the operation. Do not engage in physical labor within half a month, don’t be cold, don’t be cold, you must eat more nutritious foods.

The intake of protein after abortion is very important. If the intake is insufficient, the human body’s resistance will be reduced. Therefore, you can eat more chicken, pork lean meat, eggs, milk and beans within half a month.

2. Keep the vulva clean and dry, and the same room is strictly prohibited.

As we all know, the uterine mouth has not been completely closed after the abortion, and the endometrium also needs a repair process. Therefore, do not take a bath within half a month after the operation, so as not to cause infection in the vagina.Sexual life is prohibited within one month after the flow of people.

After artificial abortion, women’s bodies will be weak, sweating easily, and hydration becomes very important. You can drink more drinks with more vitamins, especially vitamin C.Essence

3. Don’t eat spicy food.

Do not eat spicy, irritating foods within one month after the flow of people, such as pepper, pepper, etc., wait for a month or the body to be completely recovered before eating.Within a month, you must observe the condition of vaginal bleeding. If the vaginal bleeding is more than a week and accompanied by fever, abdominal pain, and abnormal leucorrhea, you must return to the hospital in a timely manner.

4. Pay attention to contraception to avoid re -pregnancy.

After the abortion, ovarian and uterine function gradually recovered, and ovulation ovulated on time.If you do not insist on contraception, you will soon get pregnant again.Some women were pregnant again when they were abortion, which had a greater impact on the body.

Therefore, reliable contraceptive measures should be selected. The flow of people can only be used as a remedy surgery that has been taken as a last resort after contraceptive failure. It is not necessary to use the abortion as a measure of contraception to ensure the health of women’s heart and body.

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