The hospital’s refusal maternal cesarean section requires the death of a newborn to die of oxygen, and there are too many doubts in the process.

On June 28, a netizen in Neijiang, Sichuan, posted a video saying that Neijiang New Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital had made a mistake, causing newborns to die of hypoxia.

This mother was prepared for 5 years and worked hard to conceive in October before ushered in this precious little life. But in the end, she did not wait for the child’s cry, and the child died as soon as she was born!She should have been sitting in the arms of her confinement at this moment, instead of supporting the weak body to discuss the hospital here!Compared to the pain in physical pain, the trauma of this mother’s heart may not be described in words!

What’s the matter?

According to Ms. Naruto relatives of the newborn, pregnant women’s amniotic fluid rupture was sent to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that the pregnant women’s various indicators were normal to normalize the birth of pregnant women. During the process of delivery, the pain of pregnant women was unbearable.take out.The baby’s body is dark and has a breath, but he stopped breathing before the transfer of the hospital.Before the baby had time to open his eyes to see the world, he left.

Three key points

1. Maternal requires a cesarean section 4 times, why doctors insist on going!

Everyone knows that the hospital has indicators for maternal production and smoothness. Doctors will be prioritized by evaluating the maternal indicators in accordance with the birth of the delivery.

2. The fourth side cutting appeared during the maternal smooth delivery process.

Not only me, even many netizens were surprised to see four side cuts in the process of having a child!May I ask the side cuts four times. Can this mother’s indicator be considered in line with the delivery?Those who have experienced said that they had trembled when they cut it!

3. When the baby is born, the whole body is purple.

The whole body is only when there is a hypoxia that appears. Then during the maternal production process, the doctor did not predict this. Isn’t the doctor’s mistake? Is it because the maternal maternal herself is unable to get angry!

Netizens who have experienced similar experiences leave a message. Fortunately, I insisted that the doctor finally compromised, and the baby was born safely.But this mother was not so lucky, she met a doctor with a hard indicator.Is this doctor, whether the medical skills have made a mistake or ordered the life, and regarded the indicators as the sole criterion.

On June 29, the staff of the Health and Health Committee of the Neijiang City said that the relevant leaders had arrived on the spot yesterday.At present, the pregnant woman’s medical records have been sealed, and relevant experts are doing an appraisal for infants, and the incident is still undergoing further treatment.

Now the fertility rate is sluggish, and the country continues to launch relevant policies to encourage the second child to encourage three babies, but there are still many people who are afraid of marriage and feeding. The economic pressure is too great. Now there are still people who are willing to give birth., Hardcore indicators, the fertility rate will only be lower!We have to speak for this maternal, and we must give the results as soon as possible!

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