The husband and wife always hurt when preparing for pregnancy, not because of violence, it may be a disease, don’t care about it.

Today’s topic is the sexual health, without other purposes, just share the problem of gender health. I hope everyone will not crooked the door.

Let’s take a look at the case first:

After Ms. Liu got married, she had always rejected this problem, because every time she was pregnant, she always hurt.So this problem has been troubled by her for a long time, but the elderly at home urged to ask for children, so she could only ask for a doctor for help.

After examination, the doctor found that the cause of pain when preparing for pregnancy is not because of violence, but because the woman has endometriosis, which is the real factor in pain.We can look at a big data. About 176 million women around the world have endometriosis, and women who have infertility account for about 20-50%.Although endometriosis is one of the common gynecological diseases, the impact on pregnancy is also extremely great.

Many people don’t know what is endometriosis. Let’s talk about it today

The main reason is that endometrial cells are planted in the position of the endometrium, and the endometrium cells can enter the pelvic rotation through the fallopian tube.After pathological changes, all pelvic tissues and organs, as well as ovarian, uterine rectal and other places.It will cause menstrual dysmenorrhea, pain in pregnancy, and even cause infertility.

In these cases, we must be alert to endometriosis:

① Severe dysmenorrhea affects daily normal life;

② When preparing for pregnancy, the lower body is severe; there is still pain after preparing for pregnancy;

③ Chronic pelvic pain occurs;

④ Pain in defecation, hematuria, urinary pain and so on.

How to treat endometriosis?

In general, there are two ways, one is drug treatment, and the other is surgical treatment.However, different treatment plans will be performed according to the patient’s different symptoms and specials.Endometriosis cannot be completely eliminated, and drugs can only alleviate, and surgical resection may also recur.However, you don’t have to worry too much. As long as you treat it correctly, you can relieve pain and not affect normal pregnancy.

How to adjust daily?

① Add vitamin B family

For women, some vitamins B can be appropriately supplemented, mainly to help liver metabolism, help stabilize X hormone levels, and shorten the hemostatic time to eliminate excessive estrogen.

② Hot compress conditioning

The method of hot compresses can play a role in relieving pain.Regardless of whether it causes pain, it is best to keep the uterine abdomen regularly, especially during menstruation.

③ Remember exercise

Daily exercise can play a role in assisting the treatment of endometriosis, and related studies have shown that the endometrium abnormalities in the girls who love sports usually are far less than those who do not love sports.

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