The husband and wife have no children for 8 years, and the wife derails proves himself. Wife: Try to get pregnant

The husband and wife have no children for 8 years, and the wife derails proves himself, wife: try to get pregnant

Over time, this story allows us to understand the difficult journey experienced by a couple in the eight -year marriage.They are not just facing the most important decision in life, but also a time to test true love and trust.In this article, we will explore how they face the reality of being unable to get pregnant. Why do wives choose to derail and eventually go out of their predicament and recover each other’s happiness.

Chapter 1: The Chu Meng of Love

Eight years ago, Zhang Kai and Li Juan met and fell in love.They are the only one in each other’s life and are full of longing for the future.In their eyes, marriage is a sweet journey. Children are the crystallization of love between the two and their future hope.

Chapter 2: Struggle that cannot be pregnant

However, time passed day by day, but Li Juan never became pregnant.As the doctor diagnosed, they learned that Li Juan had infertility, and the news was a heavy blow to the two.They tried various treatment and methods, but failed without exception.Helpless and despair shrouded this family that should have been happy, and the relationship between husband and wife gradually cracks.

Chapter III: Devil of Wife

Under the bad news and increasingly alienated marriage, Li Juan felt that he was in a deep loneliness.She couldn’t find the comfort of the soul on her husband, and did not dare to tell him the distress of her heart.Under such psychological pressure, Li Juan gradually embarked on a dangerous path, and she was derailed.

Chapter 4: Try to prove your decision

Li Juan’s derailment is not a betrayal of her husband, but more tests on himself.She tried to prove that she was still attractive by derailment and could attract the attention of others.However, this decision did not bring real satisfaction in her heart, but made her more contradictory and pain.

Chapter 5: A frank dialogue between his wife and husband

When the husband found his wife’s derailment, anger and injury filled him in his heart.But after calming down, he decided to sit down with his wife and talk about it.This is the first time the two have faced each other’s feelings and confusion for many years.In this long conversation, not only did they release their inner burdens, they also regained the warmth in marriage.

Chapter 6: Re -find happiness

The couple finally realized that the problems encountered in marriage were not unilateral responsibilities, but needed to face and solve together.They decided to find a solution together, no longer let the infertility dilemma a stumbling block of marriage.Through professional auxiliary fertility technology and psychotherapy, they gradually got out of the predicament and found a new life trajectory.

Chapter VII: Regain trust and love

In the process of re -establishing trust, both the couple learned to be more tolerant and understanding.They understand that love needs to pay and tolerate each other. Only by working together, marriage can last long.Infertility is not all of their love. They have more common points and values, and they are worthy of pursuing and cherishing together.

End: Reinstatement of happiness

In the end, after a long journey, the couple regained their happiness again.Although they do not have children, their marriage is more tough and stable.In the face of the ups and downs of life, they understand the importance of mutual support and cherish the happiness they have.

This story tells us that the problems encountered in marriage are not insurmountable.Facing the challenges of life, both husband and wife need to learn to understand, tolerate and be frank.Only when you really know how to cherish each other and face the problem together, can marriage be stronger and happiness will bloom again.

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