The husband has no fertility and let his wife borrow a child to have a child, but he does not admit that the child does not recognize the child.

A man in Liaoning had no fertility, so he asked his wife to borrow a child. After he had died of a sudden cancer, his mother -in -law took out a paper will and drove his wife and children out of the house.What is going on with other people’s children?

On this day, a pregnant woman named Xiao Jing, Shenyang, Liaoning, found a reporter with a big belly. She was six months pregnant, but was driven out by her mother -in -law’s family.Don’t let her enter the door a day.Other people’s houses hold the daughter -in -law of pregnancy as their ancestors.

A few months ago, Xiao Jing’s husband Amin suddenly felt unwell. He went to the hospital to check that he had suffered from cancer, and it was already later.Several treatments made Amin suffer, and died shortly after.At this time, Xiao Jing has been pregnant for six months, and the child will face a situation without dad as soon as he is born.

Xiao Jing also thought about killing the child, and she had gone to the hospital, but the doctor told her that the fetus was very large. Now the fetus is very harmful to her body. It is likely that she will never be pregnant again.Xiao Jing is the first pregnancy. If he loses the opportunity to be a mother in the future, it will be a great regret, so in the end, he chose to leave the child.

But what made Xiaojing never expected was that she had just returned home, and her mother -in -law saw that her belly was still there.Xiao Jing has just experienced the pain of mourning, and now I do n’t understand, how can my mother -in -law say this.

At this time, her mother -in -law also took out a will from the house. Of course, the will was Xiao Jing’s husband Amin Li, which clearly wrote that the child in Xiao Jing’s belly was not his.Come to raise this child, the heritage is even more important.In this way, Xiao Jing was kicked out of the house by her mother -in -law after becoming a widow.

Under Xiao Jing’s narrative, the reporter finally learned that the child in her belly was pregnant with artificial insemination.What has actually happened?

Xiao Jing and Aming are free in love, and they have been very sweet after marriage, and they get along well with their elders at home.Xiao Jing’s body was filial, and her mother -in -law liked this daughter -in -law.But the young couple have been married for several years, but their stomachs have not moved at all.

Amin is the only child in the family. My mother -in -law wants to hug her grandson and can only expect Xiao Jing, so it is inevitable that they are a little anxious, but they never blame them because of this.Amin and Xiao Jing decided to go to the hospital for examination. If you have any problems, you should take medicine and medicine, and solve it as soon as possible.As a result, Xiao Jing’s body had no problems, but the problem was on Amin’s body.

Amin had a bad body before. He often took medicine often. After eating too much, he had bad body and got "dead essence".Xiao Jing did not complain about Aming. She felt that she had a good child. The pressure on the two people was still small.

I don’t know if my body is "fault" is one thing. After knowing it, Amin feels very unhappy.Especially when he saw the young men and women in the community, he was envious of the children holding the children holding in his arms.After Xiao Jing knew Amin’s thoughts, he proposed to adopt a child?

But Amin was unwilling. He said that he had checked on the Internet. The current technology has developed very well, and there is a "IVF" technology.As long as Xiao Jing’s eggs are combined with sperm donated by someone else in the sperm, you can give birth to a child with Xiao Jing gene, but this child has nothing to do with Amin.

Xiao Jing thinks it should be adopted. IVF has a great harm to the body, all the same.But Amin told Xiao Jing that although the children who raised these two methods had nothing to do with himself, the children of IVF were Xiao Jing’s pro -children, and he was willing to be raised as his child.

Seeing Aming always insisted, Xiao Jing went to the hospital with her husband and signed an agreement to cultivate IVF.The quiet uterus.

Everything has progressed smoothly, and IVF is not as cold as the name. After entering Xiao Jing’s uterus, it is just like a normal fetus, and it will also move. It also brings various pregnancy reactions to Xiao Jing.The first time I experienced the feeling of being a mother, Xiao Jing’s mood was very happy.

But what Xiao Jing never thought was that when she was looking forward to the birth of her child, her mother -in -law heard that IVF, the older generation of thought was a bit stubborn. They felt that this was not as good as adopting one. This was not her own.Dear grandson.And I do n’t know who passed it, neighborhood neighbors also know about IVF.

Aming heard a lot of rumors in his ears. Some laughed at him and couldn’t give birth to children, and some laughed at him to raise children for others in the future.Amin is not a saint, and he is also easily affected by these rumors. Over time, he feels that he can’t hold his face as a man.

After thinking about it, Aming hoped that Xiao Jing could kill the child, and did not remember how she had persuaded his wife to agree to be a test tube baby.Xiao Jing also seemed to know her husband on the first day, a little speechless.However, without arguing about this, Amin was tested for cancer.

During this period of Amin’s hospitalization, he couldn’t feel uncomfortable, and he couldn’t care about Xiao Jing to give birth.But when Xiao Jing didn’t know, Amin found his parents and secretly stood a will.He stated in his will that the child born after Xiao Jingri had nothing to do with himself, and he had no right to inherit any inheritance of him.

Amin’s parents were also very calm, and after putting up the will, they had not been mentioned.Until Amin’s body reached the limit, he couldn’t hold on to leave the world. After the family had a funeral, her mother -in -law first proposed a fetus with Xiao Jing.

After all, Xiao Jing has been married for many years. The relationship between them has long been the same as her mother and daughter. There is still emotional. If Xiao Jing is willing to kill the child, then he can still live together.Xiao Jing was still immersed in the sadness of her husband’s death. She felt that she was not accompanied by Amin, and it was not easy to bring their children alone.

Such thoughts coincided with her mother -in -law. She went to the hospital alone, but the doctor told her the harm of her fetal.After several considerations, Xiao Jing decided to give birth to the child. This was the scene mentioned at the beginning. After returning home, she was driven by her mother -in -law.

Until now, Xiao Jing did not understand. This child obviously wanted her husband, and her husband advised himself to "artificial insemination". Why didn’t he admit it now?She even secretly made a will and kicked her out of her house.Xiao Jing didn’t understand anything. She first found a reporter, just to make her mother -in -law change her thoughts through the help of the media.

However, the emergence of the reporter did not play any role. In desperation, Xiao Jing sued the mother -in -law’s family.Since the reason is not reasonable, choose to use legal weapons to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests.After the court re -tried the case, the results of the judgment also made a judgment. Whether it was adopted children, or IVF, there would be consent signed by the couple.

This consent is legal benefits. Even if Amin has no blood relationship between Amin and the child, the children born of Xiao Jing now are also legally Amin’s children and legally enjoy the right to inherit.Under this premise, the will before Aming’s death was not established at all.

The court ruled that the house left by Amin had half of the inheritance of Xiao Jing, and his parents and children enjoyed the other half.In other words, her mother -in -law had no right to drive Xiaojing out, and they had to raise their children to grow up.After being exposed, this incident has also aroused discussion among many netizens. Some people think that Amin will not think about Zhou Quan, and some people think that the mother -in -law’s family is too selfish. In shortEveryone must learn from Xiao Jing and learn to pick up legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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