The importance of marriage inspection

When it comes to marriage inspections, I believe everyone is no stranger, but since the "marriage inspection" has changed from mandatory to voluntary choice, the marriage check rate has dropped rapidly. Why are young people who are so unwilling to face marriage checks?

"Do not understand" and "troubles" are high -frequency words when many newcomers face marriage checks. There are also a few people worrying that the marriage inspection will touch privacy, worry that some diseases are exposed, and the other party knows that they will regret marriage when they have problems.In fact, this approach is the most ignorant. Even if this situation is married, the possibility of divorce will be greater in the future.

The host Li Weijia asked the guests in the "My Family Little Couple" program. Many men and women who were preparing to get married felt that they loved each other like this. Is it necessary to get a marriage inspection?

However, guests such as Qi Wei obviously supported marriage inspections. They felt that the marriage inspection was not uncomfortable, but to meet frankly.

It’s like Xiaosuo and Guo Biting, who had been searched for the "marriage inspection health problem" for a while.It seems that the tall and magnificent Xiang Zuo has a long -term painkillers, and the renal function is like a 70 -year -old state. Guo Biting has heart problems and rheumatism, which may affect the next generation.

I heard the people who eat melon are also frightened. I didn’t expect to be young at a young age. Whether there is money or money, it looks good or not, and there are BUGs.Essence

The marriage test is responsible for each other. Since it is checked, it can be improved by renovation and renovation. However, if there is no pre -marital medical examination, many small problems may be dragged into a big problem and are also related to the happiness of the two.

Whether at the beginning of the family planning or the voicing of fertility now, the marriage inspection is responsible for preventing defects in birth.The wedding examination disease project includes severe genetic diseases, specified infectious diseases, and related mental illness. It can timely discover factors that affect marriage and fertility, and become the first line of defense to prevent and reduce the birth defects of newborns.The first level.

01 Infectious disease examination

Such as detecting hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, etc.The general blood test is only a routine to check the blood. If you can’t find out these diseases, you must do it separately.

02 Reproductive organ inspection

Check whether there are abnormalities and diseases, you can find no fertility or need to suspend fertility.

03 Genetic Disease Screening

For example, thalassemia detection and G6PD deficiency (broad bean disease) testing is mainly to ensure the health of the baby.Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, and Hainan are the high -incidence areas in the prefecture, and you should pay special attention.

04 History inquiries

Understand the blood relationship between the two sides, and the history of the past.For example, have there been mental illness, infectious diseases, genetic diseases, congenital defects that affect marriage and childbirth.

1. Time requires Monday to Friday.

2. Preparation for marriage inspection: Three per person per person (Note: photos prescribed by the marriage inspection unit), ID card, household registration book, etc. (may be different according to the different localities, the best phone consultation before the marriage inspection).

3. Marriage examination process: The first step is to register urine, the second step to draw blood to check the routine height, body weight, etc., the third step, the fourth thoracic thoracic inspection and the relevant knowledge, receive the resultsIt is proved that in general, the result can be known that day.

4. Free marriage inspection is suitable for men and women who have a marriage inspection in a local designated hospital.The prerequisite for the free marriage inspection is to conduct the parties to the marriage inspection. Take the relevant information to the community center where the man or the woman is located to receive the "Application for Free Pre -Marriage Medical Examination Registration Card", and go to the designated hospital. You can use this card to carry out free ..Then, then

5. The cost of marriage inspection is about 200-300 yuan (the region is different).The collection of marriage inspection costs is mainly to conduct a marriage inspection in different places, or to conduct a marriage inspection in a local non -designated hospital, so the corresponding costs are charged according to the marriage inspection items.

Note: The content of the self -funded marriage check is the same as the free wedding.

1. The time limit for free marriage is within one month before the marriage registration and one month after marriage registration.

2. If the woman has been diagnosed with pregnancy (within 3 months of pregnancy), do not have chest permeability. If the situation is not clear, please go to a gynecological examination before the chest.

3. Do not conduct gynecological examinations during menstruation, and should be checked after 3 days of menstruation;

4. If you have sexual life before marriage, it is best to stop for a few days before receiving the marriage inspection;

5. Marriage checks need to be drawn and urinate. Therefore, the marriage examination should go to the hospital for examination early in the morning. Do not eat breakfast and drink water on the morning.

The marriage test is not the destruction of love, but the guarantee of marriage.It is recommended that you do a marriage inspection.However, I also remind everyone that it is okay if the inspection is fine. You must watch the results of the inspection with each other.Because the opponent’s examination results will not tell you that the other party has infectious and genetic diseases, and the doctor will only tell him.Because doctors do not disclose personal privacy, they must have a snack.Not only do you have to be a marriage check, but also the results of the other party’s inspection after the marriage inspection.

This article introduces the importance of marriage inspection -a marriage checkup item and precautions. I hope it will be helpful to you who are preparing for the marriage.

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