The latest news girls spend 30 million derailment green space executives in the Zhang Yuting incident new progress

[Abstract] On May 11, a Weibo user entitled "VS is endless". The real name broke the news that Chen Jun, a current executive of Greenland Group, had an improper relationship with his legal wife. The woman (Zhang Yuting) is now pregnant.In addition, Chen Jun had serious economic violations, misappropriated the public funds of Greenland Group, and collected huge illegal income through money laundering.

No one expected that the Greenland Group now appeared on the hot search in the "eating melon" model.

Chen Jun, a high -level Greenland Group, was reported in real name

On May 11th, the Weibo named "VS is endless", and the real name of Shi Ruisheng reported the current high -level senior Chen Jun (post -70s bald online) with his legal wife Greenland Group’s current employee Zhang YutingAnd serious economic violations!

You can summarize the following points in the reporting letter and recording:

The first real name reports improper men and women’s relationship, serious economic violations

Reporting his wife is called Beijing university flowers who like to dress and live simply

Shi Ruisheng, who claims to be "green", used Weibo account "VS to live endlessly" reported that he has been studying in Australia in Australia since 2009.In 2016, he met Zhang Mouting in Beijing. In the same year, he established a relationship between male and female friends and was permitted by the parents of both parties.

Shi Ruisheng reported himself that under the permission of Zhang Mouting’s parents, in July 2017, when Zhang Mouting graduated from Beijing United University, he went to Australia and Shi Ruisheng to live together.On October 25, 2018, he and Zhang Moting received a marriage certificate in Australia.

The report said that in November 2019, after Zhang Mouting completed his last course, he returned to China to find a job.On December 3, 2019, she participated in the interview of Greenland Holdings Group and entered Greenland Internship on December 23.On February 3, 2020, Greenland Holdings Group resumed work. His wife Zhang Mouting went to Greenland Holdings Group to work.During the period, Shi Ruisheng and Zhang Moting received a marriage certificate in China.

However, Zhang Mouting has not yet obtained a graduate diploma and academic certification. "It should not be able to go through the employment procedures", but soon became the official employee of Greenland Holding Group.

In May this year, Shi Ruisheng found that his wife Zhang Mouting was pregnant for 2 months.In public videos and recording, Zhang Mouting admitted that the child he was pregnant was a boss named Chen Jun from the Greenland Group.

It is said that Zhang Mouting served as a manager of Chen Jun, a manager of Greenland Holdings Group, and Chen Jun used the Greenland Holdings Group to reimburse Zhang Mouting about 2,000 yuan worth of about 10,000 yuan per month.Luxury.

Shi Ruisheng has mentioned in the report that his wife Zhang Mouting has a number of exams, and it is difficult to graduate. To this end, he "had to pay for re -reading fees and tuition fees for writing homework."He also mentioned his wife’s life of "admiring vanity, greed for extravagance", and at the same time emphasized that "economically, she completely depends on my work."Judging from the videos he announced, Zhang Mouting disagreed with this and discussed himself with his pregnancy.

The second suspected that the female party broke the news late at night and was claimed by her husband 5 million, and was violent by domestic

And on the evening of May 17, the user was suspected to be reported to his wife, and the user who certified on Weibo’s authentication named "SushBS" broke the news late at night: "Threats to threatened to scare and extort, claim 5 million yuan, and have domestic violence …"He also said that "spent 600,000 to 700,000 yuan during the period together" …

Public recordings in the second round, report misappropriation of public funds and money laundering

Greenland: Involved in private morals, do not make comments

It is worth noting that on the afternoon of May 17th, "VS was endless" again released on Weibo that it was called Zhang Yuting’s recording, revealing more Chen Jun’s personal property information.

The video and audio recorded privately as follows:

From the perspective of the "VS endless" public report, recording, and videos, the main content is the following 5 points:

1. Shi Ruisheng and Zhang Yuting are married in Australia and China, and have legal marriage guarantee.

2. During February 2020, because Chen Jun’s secretary was affected by the epidemic, after the green space officially resumed work, Chen Chen did not obtain the graduation certificate, and helped him to handle the positive procedures.staff.

3. Zhang admitted that he was pregnant in the recording. The child was Chen Jun. The doctor estimated that it had been pregnancy for 3 weeks, and the report issued by VS on May 11 mentioned that Zhang had been pregnant for 2 months.

4. During the period when Chen was in Zhang, he used the company’s reimbursement of public relations funds to buy two high -end handbags worth 10,000 yuan.

5. In addition to derailment in marriage, Zhang also cooperated with Chen’s misappropriation of the Greenland Group’s state -owned public funds, and collected huge illegal income through money laundering.

In addition to the public statement, the green space stated that the incident only involved the private morality of the company’s middle level, and was unwilling to make more comments.

It is worth noting that the heroine Weibo has been canceled.Due to the unable to contact the key figures of the incident, the report letters and recording authenticity issued by the above -mentioned Weibo personal account named "VS endless" are still yet to be verified.

So who is this "Chen Jun"?

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, Chen Jun in the "derailment" incident was responsible for marketing in the northeast region of Greenland from 2012-2014.After the green space was listed in 2015, the Northeast market turned sharply. Chen Jun jumped to Country Garden and Zhongliang, and returned to Greenland in 2019 as the general manager of the marketing department of the Greenland Jingjin Wing Division.

A media called "Fangtianxia", in 2014, was called Chen Jun as a "fire -rescue player" and "Mr. Key"."5.2 billion in 2012, 8.1 billion in 2013, and sprinting 20 billion in 2014 … 5.2 billion to 20 billion yuan, which is a number of shocking industry, leaving this Shanghai man an indelible mark on the black land, but Chen JunNot complacent. "

Greenland executives have green returnees, Yu Ting does not eat Yuting, 30 million is afraid of falling out, anti -corruption and new merits

Shi Ruisheng said that Chen Jun Group’s event funding for 200,000 yuan per month was reimbursed for luxury goods.Whether this situation is really not talked about. If the "Chen Jun" in the incident is indeed the head of the marketing department of the Greenland Group’s Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Business Department, it is indeed possible to be suspected of corruption.

For the person in charge of the real estate marketing line, due to its emphasis on their hands, public relations and advertising fees related to marketing activities can be disposed of high -amount funds, including the space of Tengjie.For example, how to promote the image of real estate is an important part of the early marketing. Real estate companies may be assigned to marketing leaders a certain amount of funds to cooperate with professional advertising companies to promote real estate.Once the transparency is lost, the flow of these funds is difficult to trace.

The so -called "activity funds" may also be used in public relations entertainment.In order to ensure sales performance, marketing leaders often need to communicate with enterprises and governments.

Some people in the industry said that taking real estate with a development area of 100 acres as an example, if the land price is calculated at a parity land of 15 million yuan/mu, the civil construction, design, and promotion, and the cost per square meter cost is 6,500 yuan.RMB 4 million to 10 million yuan.

These public relations expenses are allocated by real estate companies to the heads of the subordinates. If the supervision is not strict, the misappropriation of funds and internal corruption may occur.

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