The ligation can still be born, it is worthy of being an alien

A few days ago, Brazil’s legendary star Ronaldo ushered in good news. His 17-year-old girlfriend Celena Rockes announced that he was pregnant, which means that 44-year-old Ronaldo will complete the good show of "Five Son Dengke", the 5th timeDad!However, it is worth playing that 10 years ago Dalo had undergone ligation surgery, and this time his girlfriend suddenly became pregnant and fell a lot.

Selina is a well -known model of Brazil, and it is also in line with Ronaldo’s criteria for choosing a mate. A few old loves before, all of which are Bai Fumei.Affecting their feelings between them currently live in Madrid.

In fact, speaking of Ronaldo’s "Daddy History", it can be described as rich and colorful. As a girlfriend Sinana’s pregnancy, he has become his father for the fifth time.Earlier, Da Luo had 4 children, the largest eldest son Ronald was 19 years old, followed by 14 -year -old Alexander. In addition, he also had two little princess, Sophia, 10 years old, and 9 -year -old Alice.Because the two daughters completely inherited the Fuxi genes of Dalon, when the father and daughter were in the same frame, they were carved out of the mold!

So far, Da Luo has three wives, and he has not registered for marriage with his girlfriend and Selina now, perhaps the same thing that Brazilians are worried about taking on the tomb of marriage.It is worth mentioning that in 2010, a ligation of tubes was performed, but in order to continue to have children, he frozen sperm in advance. Therefore, his girlfriend Sinana was not surprised at is the image.

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