The little couple has a total abortion of pregnancy. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor tells the truth: after the contraceptive pill, it is easy to get pregnant

Now many young couples want to enjoy a sweet two -person world after getting married, and then ask the baby, so they take contraceptive measures. There are many ways to contraception. Some people do not want to trouble them.This method is not very harmful to the body, but it gives a baby in the future, causing some small troubles.

The little Liu husband and wife met on a blind date. When they first got married, the two thought that the foundation foundation was not firm. Because they were still young, they wanted to wear a baby after two years, so the two began to love after marriage.Xiao Liu’s wife has always used oral contraceptives to contraception, and Xiao Liu also loves his wife everywhere. As a result, one year later, the two felt the time mature and wanted a treasure to add the fun of the family, so they stopped using it.In contraceptive pills, I was pregnant, but the matter was not very smooth. Two months after stopping the medicine, Xiao Liu’s wife found that she was pregnant. The two were particularly happy. Xiao Liu loved his wife even more.

However, more than a month later, Xiao Liu’s wife appeared in the glory of miscarriage. When she saw it, she had no fetal buds in the hospital for examination. Xiao Liu’s wife was very sad, but Xiao Liu didn’t want his wife to be too sad, so he comforted her. After that, they would still beAny more!After Xiao Liu took his wife back, he took care of it carefully. After more than a month, Xiao Liu’s wife was pregnant again. This time Xiao Liu Zhaogu’s wife was more attentive, but unfortunately happened again. The same thing was staged again.Don’t calm down, decide to ask the doctor, where is the question?The doctor asked the two after marriage experience, and finally discovered that it was originally a disaster caused by contraceptive pills!

It turns out that after taking oral contraceptives, if you want to get pregnant, you need to use the condom for more than half a year, and the safest pregnancy is the safest, because at this time ovarian endocrine function and endometrial change have restored your natural physiological process, which is conducive to fertilized eggs and fetus growth and fetal growth.In the process, you can get a healthy baby.Oral contraceptives can control the endocrine of the ovaries. If you are pregnant immediately after stopping the drug, it will affect the fertilized eggs to bed, and it will easily make the fertilized eggs not firm and affect the development of the fetus or cause abortion.

After Xiao Liu knew the reason, he regretted it. He knew that he had done a medical examination before pregnancy. After explaining the situation with the doctor, he would not let his wife suffer these two sins according to the doctor’s suggestion!

What do you think of the prospective father and mother who prepare for pregnancy, do you think about the pregnancy of the little Liu husband and wife?

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