The male doctor in Hangzhou couldn’t help but red eyes: in the early morning to rescue, the young man left …

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

Late night from July 26 to the early morning of July 27th,

The reporter followed the deputy chief physician of the emergency department Lu Xiao,

Walk into the late night emergency room together.

Many readers who followed Lu Xiao were circled by him because of "E hearty Offer".

He also embarked on a social platform from a focused emergency doctor.But Lu Xiao shared the story of the emergency room, not just to share the knowledge of science science medicine. He hoped that he had more humanistic care and more real and beautiful.

Lu Xiao, who is now on the street, is always recognized and asked to take a photo.He hoped that everyone would give him a space and try not to disturb. "I am a doctor, and cure and saving people is my job."

I thought it was fine,

I didn’t expect to go

At 10 pm on July 26, the parking lot in the hospital was no longer crowded, and the outpatient building where the lamp was turned off was quiet.

The emergency center is bright.

Someone sat on the phone and waited for the results of the inspection; someone was empty and observed the speed of the drip.The door of the rescue room was turned on and off, and the medical staff went in and out.

Lu Xiao, wearing a hat and mask, was a little tired.

The duty on this day should have been at 10:30 am from July 26th to 27th from July 26th.However, he rushed to the hospital at 3 am on the 26th to rescue a critical patient.

Lu Xiao’s duty time was lengtherable to 30 hours this day.

For him, this is nothing.What made him feel sad was that after 5 hours of rescue, the patient left.

"I thought you were going to be fine. I didn’t expect that the angel still wanted to take you away. I came to the hospital at three in the morning but I still didn’t hold you. I really tried my best."

On July 26, Lu Xiao updated a dynamic.

Just beside the intensive care unit, Lu Xiao talked about the patient who had made him sad for a day.

A few days ago, after the full treatment of emergency medical care in the Binjiang Academy of Zhejiang University, the patient’s cardiopulmonary function was basically recovered, and the ventilator was successfully removed.At that time, everyone thought that the young man was survived, but …

This is the moment when Lu Xiao is the most unwilling to see or even feel a special disaster.

The young man who was in trouble had basic diseases at work in a company, and his body was weak. He stayed up late for a few days in a row to the early morning.Essence

Parents are simple farmers, and parents have said that the young man is the backbone of the family.

"When the patient was sent, the situation was very bad, basically there was no hope. But the parents said nothing, and it was very cooperative to let us try our best. With our efforts, it was amazing.We are all ready to go to the ward. "Lu Xiao said, he really thought that the life of young people could continue.

Unexpectedly, after all, the enemy could not be complicated.

At nearly 3 o’clock in the early morning of July 26, Lu Xiao was awakened by the phone bell.

The colleagues on the other side of the phone were anxious: "9 beds are no longer, the heartbeat stops."

Lu Xiao thought he was dreaming, but he immediately reacted and quickly instructed the rescue measures. He quickly took the car key to the hospital. "Although it is not worth the work, I think I will regret it."

The 5 -hour rescue still failed to save the young life.

With 5 conversations with his family, Lu Xiao was doing the biggest effort and restraint. Watching his family kneeling on the ground and crying, he still didn’t hold back his red eyes.

In the afternoon, the patient was sent back to his hometown outside the province wearing a ventilator.

At 10:30 that day, Lu Xiao received a private message from Weibo and from the patient’s niece. "She said that her loved ones went to the sky for the shining angels, and thank us for your careful assistance and care."

Severe custody outdoor aisle,

Often someone kneels there to pray

On July 26, Lu Xiao sent three patients.

Although it was an emergency doctor who used to see life and death, it would be difficult for him to slow down for a while. "The doctor is helpless and helpless, and it is often."

For 12 years as an emergency doctor, Lu Xiao has seen too many human feelings.Hearing bad news, there are disappearances and linked, some are not inseparable, and some have given up for treatment because they have no money.He said that each family has its own considerations and should not be shackled with moral shackles at will.

A 88 -year -old man in the guardian fell from high altitude, pelvic bone was broken, various organ failure, and people were in a deep coma. These days will be very difficult."It’s not just treatment, but also a kind of pain and torture for the old man. But the children insist on rescue and don’t want to give up."

Another 20 -year -old guy was lying on the other bed. He had a bronchial cutting surgery because of accidental injuries and severe lung infection."Such a young, and again, there is a chance to succeed. The parents of the young man did not want to let the son suffer again, and chose conservative treatment."

Outside the intensive guardian, there is a long aisle, separated from a wall.

Lu Xiao said that someone can always be seen beside the wall.

Aunt who was in his 60s went to the mountain to feed the chicken, fell severely, and his intestines broke down.Her daughters went to the hospital at 6 o’clock in the morning and stood by the wall. "A little closer to her, we should feel that we all accompany her." The old man persisted for more than a month and left.

The young guy died suddenly in basketball, his cardiopulmonary resuscitation was two hours, organ failure, and deep coma.On the side of the wall, the son maintains his life by the machine. On the other side of the wall, the mother knelt down and prayed every day.After more than a month, the young man turned to be in danger and recovered.

Late at night to talk to family members,

Check at 1 am

The night is deeper, and patients are lying on the 12 beds in the emergency severe care room, using ventilator and various instruments that maintain life.

If there is no sound of snoring and ticking, there is only a heartbeat left here.

In addition to Lu Xiao, there were one doctor and 4 nurses on duty that day.

The screen hanging on the wall will show the real -time life signs of all patients. Every three or four hours, the nurse will do a blood test for patients with critical illness and timely process the various abnormal indicators.

At 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, Lu Xiao checked the situation of all patients and gave each treatment plan.He specifically explained his colleagues, and three patients needed attention.

As soon as he received a patient in his 50 -year -old brain injury bleeding during the day, Lu Xiao hurriedly talked with his family."It takes three to five days to pass in the danger period. Tonight is very important. Don’t walk away. At 1 am, I will do a test to see if the hematoma is big."

Next to the intensive care unit is the rescue room.

Lu Xiao said that there are critical patients here to inform himself.He ran over, and the nurses were doing their own things and did not receive new patients.

In the emergency room, there are unwritten rules.You can’t eat or mention these things: "Mang" fruit, "fire" dragon fruit, grass "berry" and so on.

No one is willing to encounter a busy night.The more busy, the more people represent the accident.

After checking the rescue room, Lu Xiao went to an emergency ward to check the case.

He needs to run back and forth in the emergency daily life, just walking like this, and the number of steps can reach tens of thousands of steps.

When the reporter left, it was 1 am on July 27th.

"I hope that nothing will happen next, everything is safe." Lu Xiao, who continued on duty.

In the emergency room in the middle of the night, Lu Xiao once described this: Heartbeat, sorrow, tears, pain, perseverance, hope, and love. Here are what you can imagine.

It is a turning point or an end in the next second. It may not be 100 % foreseeing in the emergency room.

Even so, medical staff of the emergency room like Lu Xiao are still struggling to catch up and guard.

Like singing in "The Solu".

Reporter Yang Qian

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