The man and his girlfriend had a marriage check and was found to be pregnant for two months. Men: Nothing has happened yet

The sound of water came from the bathroom, and the smell in the bedroom had not dispersed.

The forest curtain watched the tall figure reflected by the friction glass, picked up the nightdress on the ground and put it on, opened the window to disperse, and then replaced the sheets.

When bending, the waist is sore and the legs are extremely uncomfortable.

He was just hard, and she couldn’t bear it.

It’s just that he is really wrong tonight, I don’t know if it is something in the company.

But he never told her what was in the company, and she didn’t like to ask.

Zhan Lian was wearing a bathrobe.

Lin curtain said softly, "I packed the bed, go to bed," go to bed. "

Zhan Lianshi was a famous boss in Lincheng and even the whole country. His company Shengshi Group is a well -known investment company in the country. He stomped his feet in Lincheng and will shake the whole country.

And she is a child of ordinary families who can marry him. She can marry him. She didn’t know how much high incense had burned in her life.

She couldn’t help him at work, and she could only help him in life so that he would not have worries.

Zhan Lian came over, opened the drawer, handed her a file to her, "sign."

Lin Curtain took it, and was a little puzzled, "What is this?"

He has never given her files like this.

Zhan Lianshi did not answer her, and lit a cigarette and sat on the sofa.

Lin curtain opened the document, and the large "divorce agreement" four black characters fell into her eyes, and the blood on her face faded instantly.


He wants to divorce …

When the file fell on the ground, when the forest curtain looked at Zhan Lian, the sound couldn’t control the trembling. "Do you want to … divorce?"

The person who was closely fled with her a while ago, and the person who entered and exited in her body gave her the divorce agreement in the next moment. She felt that this was not true. She was dreaming.


Zhan Lian took a sip of a cigarette ring, and the white smoke blurred his handsome facial features. She couldn’t see him.


She knew that she couldn’t match him, but this year, he was very good to her, and he spoiled her.

She never felt so happy.

She fell in love with him and loved and loved it.

Zhan Lian frowned, and seemed to be unhappy with this problem.

But he still said, "I fall in love with others."

The forest curtain retreated and fell on the bedside table.

A year ago, he was President Lingcheng Zhan, who was still in the upper and hard -working employees who were still struggling on the food and clothing line.

He found her to get married, and she asked why, and he said she was sensible.

He needs a sensible woman.

She agreed.

Then she felt like she was dreaming. He took her to see his family. Although his family did not like her, he also tried to marry her and gave her a grand wedding, so that the people of the country knew that he was married to get married.Then, marry a woman who is not right.He comes back every day, no matter how busy, he will take her out to play, and will take her to go shopping. It will solve all the troubles of her mother’s house. He is like a good husband and makes her feel the warmth of the home and from the love of her lover.

Now, he said he fell in love with others.

Lin curtain does not believe.

But for these abyss eyes, she knew that she said nothing.

Her fingers hurried the corner of the bedside table, and her nails flew, and she couldn’t feel a little pain.

Nod, "Okay."


The Lin curtain signed a divorce agreement. The lawyer passed the next morning and handed her a thick document. "This is the maintenance of your maintenance fee that Zhan, which contains real estate, fund, stock, famous car, you, you, you, youhave a look."

Lin curtain looked at the document, for a while, pushed back, "No."

Before marriage, she didn’t help him, and after marriage, she didn’t.

She is not qualified to ask for these things.

The lawyer said, "Mrs., this was instructed by President Zhan."

Lin curtain paused and looked at the lawyer, "What about him?"

"Zhan is on a business trip, it takes a week to come back."

"President Zhan said that this week has transferred these information, and returned to the Civil Affairs Bureau a week later."

Lin curtain nodded and looked at the file again. After a few seconds, he took it and opened it.

When the lawyer saw her open, he started to say one by one, "There is a villa in the northern suburbs, which is recorded in your wife, with a market value of 100 million.Ten million, the lower facade is on East Street, West Street, South Street, North Street, three sets each, with a market value of 600 million, and … "

"Lawyer Lin." Lin curtain interrupted him.

Lawyer Lin looked at her, "Mrs. please say."

"I don’t want these, as long as I live this villa I live, can I?"

Here are their memories, the only place she wants.

Lawyer Lin called Zhan Lianshi. At this moment, Zhan Lianshi was at a height of two thousand feet, sitting next to Liu Ye who went abroad with him.

After listening to Lawyer Lin’s words, the man raised his eyes, his dark eyes were deep and boundless, with thin lips opened and closed, and he passed to the other end of the mobile phone, "Follow her."

"Okay, President Zhan."

When Liu Ye saw Zhan Lian, he hung up the phone, and a smile was raised, holding Zhan Lian’s arm, "I seem to have trouble for you."

"No trouble." Zhan Lian put his phone aside and continued to watch the magazine.

When Liu Ye saw that he was not angry, he knew that he was not very good. He took away the magazine in his hand and said overbearing and strongly, "When he is honest, look at me."

Zhan Lianshi looked at her sideways, and her eyes were deep and bottomless, making people feel embarrassed.

Liu Ye was not afraid. She was with him for five years and had already touched the man.

If it wasn’t for her mistake, how could he allow him to marry another woman!

"I’m back, don’t you cherish, then no matter what you do, I won’t come back again, know?"

As always domineering, strong, this is her Liu Ye.

Liu Ye, who he liked when he was in Lian.

Zhan Lianshi raised her chin, rubbed her stomach in her chin, and her eyes were dark, "妗, this is also your only opportunity."

The procedure was completed soon, Lawyer Lin left, Lin Cuinee called him, "Lawyer Lin."

Lawyer Lin turned, "Mrs."

Lin Cuinee subconsciously clenched the villa contract that had belonged to her. Seeing that Lawyer Liu was careful, he was careful and looked forward to, "On the day of the Civil Affairs Bureau, he will come back and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with me, right?"

She wants to see him, take a good look at him, and always remember it.


In the afternoon of the same day, Lin curtain rented an apartment in the city center and began to find a job online.

This year she stopped work and was a full -time wife at home.

Now she is going out to work.

It’s just that she is not an undergraduate, but she is unable to do a decent job.

But she didn’t care, how much meals of the stomach, she knew it.

Find a cosmetic company for sales, and vote for her resume, so that she will go to the interview tomorrow.

Lin curtain smiled on his face, his eyebrows were gentle, and no one in the world could not live.

She has to live, not so much time to hurt spring sadness and autumn

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The interview is very successful. The forest curtain has a good image, the skin is good, and there is a mild temperament on the body. It is very suitable for the sales of cosmetics. It started to work on the same day.

The place where she goes to work is in Shenghe Building. Shenghe Building is the largest shopping mall in Lingcheng.

Lin curtain is very hard. The earliest one came every day and the latest one. During the period, she learned about cosmetics, taking notes, and seeing how her clerk was sold. She is now selling and is familiar with it for a few days.

The manager looked at her efforts and was very satisfied.

On this day, Lin curtain successfully promoted a product out, sent away the guests, and the phone rang.

Lin curtain said to the manager: "The manager, I answered the phone."

The boss likes diligent employees. Naturally, it is very reasonable about such employees in some things.


Lin curtain walked to the storage room with her mobile phone. When she saw the word of her mother -in -law on the screen, the laughter and solidification on her face was nervous.

A year ago, Zhan Lian was going to marry her.

There is no way, I can only compromise, but in the eyes of the second old man, she never admitted her daughter -in -law, and she also specially maintained her. She never said that she had respected her in -laws.When I brought to the Zhan family, I had never seen Er Lao again.

Now, the mother -in -law’s phone call is not nervous.

"Mom." Lin curtain’s voice was soft and soft, making people hate it.

"I’m waiting for you in the Seattle Restaurant next to me, you are here now."

The mother -in -law was not good, but she was very recuperating and did not lose her temper on the phone.

It’s just that her mother -in -law hung up after she said.

Lin curtain looked at the phone, wanted to call Zhan Lianshi, and told his mother -in -law to meet her.

But thinking of the current relationship between the two, Lin Cui’s mobile phone was put in his pocket and came out to ask the manager for leave.

Ten minutes later, Lin curtain came to the restaurant next to him, and the waiter led her to the box.

There are no others in the box, only mother -in -law Han Lin.

Lin curtain walked over, soft words, "mom."

Han Lin looked at her, glanced from her head to her feet, and then swept from her feet to the top of her head.

She came here and came to see her son, but before she went to see her son, she saw her daughter -in -law selling cosmetics in a cosmetics counter.

When did their Zhan family lack money and lack of daughter -in -law to do such a low job?

Thinking of Han Lin’s face is extremely ugly.

But Lin curtain did not answer her, and looked at her in surprise.

Mom does not seem to know her divorce from Zhan Lianshi.

When Han Lin saw her not talking, she looked sinking, "Have you heard me speak?"

Families that can’t be on the table, the children who come out are the same!

Lin curtain reacted, and quickly waved his hand, "Mom, no, I …"

She was interrupted by Han Lin before she finished speaking.

"Lin curtain, I tell you, our family can’t afford this person!"

Han Lin was so angry.

I am not satisfied with this daughter -in -law, but this daughter -in -law is still ignorant at all. How can I look at such a woman!

Han Lin wanted to get angry, and stood up. "You will go back to me right away. In the future, you are not allowed to do these tasks again. Do your full -time wife at home, otherwise, don’t blame me to be a mother -in -law for embarrassing you!"

Lin curtain twisted his eyebrows and was a little anxious, "Mom, you listen to me, it’s not what you think."

Now she is sure that her mother -in -law does not know her divorce from Zhan Lian, but now that she has signed a divorce agreement, now her mother -in -law is there, and she does not need to conceal it.

However, Han Lin thought she had to quibble and didn’t want to listen to her, and left after taking the bag.

Lin curtain was caught up and did not want to, walked out of the box and hit a waiter.

The waiter was holding the meal and was hit by her.

A strong fishy smell fell into the nose, and the forest curtain stomped into the sea instantly. She didn’t hold back, covering her mouth and vomiting on the spot.

When Han Lin heard the voice, turned around and looked at it, and saw Lin curtain look like her mouth vomiting.

What she remembered, her face changed, and quickly passed, "forest curtain!"

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